The Ten Best Meghan Markle Royal Lewks of All Time

Posted on March 24, 2020

CONTROVERSY, darlings! We’re DRUNK on the idea of it! The former(?) Princess Henry “enjoyed” far more than her fair share of it while just trying to do her royal job, which means any Megs-based list is likely to get people riled up in the first place. But when you add US and our completely ARBITRARY OPINIONS to the mix, why, we’re thinking civilization itself might collapse! Haha! Too late! Let’s get to it, shall we?

Oh, and before anyone asks, the equally as arbitrary Cathy-based list of Top Ten Gowns is here for you to get mad at.


10. Ralph Lauren for Prince Louis’ christening, July 2018

Yes, it’s in that drably neutral vein that she turned to a bit too much during her time as a senior royal. And yes, we constantly criticized her for it, because a) it doesn’t suit her all that well and b) there’s an undertone of meekness to it. Two things about this list generally: Some of the looks are being reconsidered now that there’s an arc to her time as a senior royal and the list itself is roughly ordered from worst to best. So we don’t LOVELOVELOVE this, but as far as her attempts to do Good Royal Drag go, this was one of her better ones.



9. Self Portrait for the Australian Royal Tour, April 2018

Similarly, in retrospect, this fun, bright, eye-catching dress comes off a lot better than it did to us at the time. We’re not convinced the jacket choice was correct, but it’s a smart, modern look that doesn’t feel like she’s trying to fit into a box.



8. Givenchy for the RAF Centenary Event, July 2018

Okay, yes: we still don’t like the neutral shoe choice here. And we still maintain she was better of not trying to do this sort of traditional Royal Drag, since it doesn’t tend to suit her. HOWEVUH, like her christening outfit above, this is an example where she really pulled it off with flair.

Oh, something else to note about this list: Because of the shortness of her tenure and her newness at the job, this list still tends to have a bit of a critical air to it, despite being a Top Ten. If we’d done a list like this for Cathy seven or eight years ago, it would similarly be full of side-eye and nose-wrinkling. It takes a while for a gal to get up to speed in this family (ask literally any woman who married into it in the last 50 years).



7. J. Crew for International Women’s Day at Millennium Point, March 2018

Oh! And ANOTHER thing about this list: Because of the shortness and nature of her tenure, there are a lot more day looks or casual looks in this one. And this sharp little J. Crew coat represented one of her best walkabout pieces. It’s sharp, modern and photographs well. Her fondness for tied sashes didn’t always work well, largely because they don’t lend that extremely polished air that people expect of royals. Even so, this one’s cute.



6. Amanda Wakeley for the 50th Anniversary of Prince Charles’ investiture, March 2019

She really looks spectacular in metallics and this is a great way to wear them and style them without looking flashy or un-royal.




5. Oscar de la Renta during the Royal Tour of Australia, October 2018

Easily one of the best things she’s ever worn. It’s bold, chic, whimsical and glamorous.




4. Self Portrait during the Royal Tour of Fiji, October 2018

We were a bit surprised this wound up on the list. We certainly loved it at the time, but we must have forgotten about it since. She also tends to look amazing in bright red and she unfortunately wound up avoiding it for most of her public appearances. This is cute, sharp and photogenic. The pleats and the cutouts add more visual interest than she often felt comfortable wielding. This dress has some oomph and personality to it, is what we’re trying to say.



3. Alexander McQueen for the Endeavor Awards, February 2018


We so hoped she’d take her royalhood into this sort of modern, feminist direction. Unfortunately she almost never wore anything this sharp again. She looks amazing in suits.



Safiyaa for the Mountbatten Music Festival, March 2020

Forever more to be known as the “Cry About It, Bitches” dress. For one of her last public appearances, she did everything she clearly didn’t feel comfortable doing while she was in the role and the effect was gorgeously strong and declarative – not to mention glamorous and sexy.



1. Stella McCartney on her wedding day, May 2018


Good Lord, you really fucked it up when you chose the pedophile over these two, Windsor-Mountbatten fam.


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