Royal Tour 2018: Meghan Markle Breaks Out a Little

Posted on October 26, 2018

Darlings, did you know this Royal Tour is scheduled to go on FOREVER? Or does it just feel that way? Poor Meghan. They really did throw that gal into the deep end of the pool, didn’t they? We can’t imagine the pressure or how tired she must be by now. This concludes the non-judgmental portion of our program(me).



Girlfriend sure does love herself a stripe. Royal fashion is somewhat limited in its use of pattern (except for the BRF and tartans, of course), mainly because the goal is to look more like a figurehead than a person a lot of the time. It probably also comes down to risk management. Celebrities used to avoid patterns much more than they do now, largely because the more elements you introduce into a look, the higher the likelihood of it all going wrong. She returns to this element a lot because she seems to have taken most other patterns off the table for now – although they’re not gone entirely, as we’ll see.

There’s a very deliberate sense to Meghan’s dressing, including how many elements she will work at once and how often she will return to certain elements in a short stretch of time. Repetition is built into the game plan. We have a lot of issues with how much she’s restricted her choices at this time, but we’re starting to get a sense that she’s doing so because she’s trying to brand an image very quickly into the minds of the public.

Anyway, we’re not totally in live with the olive green, although it works well in the pumps. We’re also not in love with the high collar or the belt, both of which look like they’re restricting her a bit. Quibbles aside, she looks fresh and pretty overall. Love the silhouette, love the ponytail.



Again: LOVING the head-styling. She looks really pretty here. The pop of bright color (even if it is yet another blue) shows how much she comes alive in pictures when she wears one. We like this dress a lot, but the rolled-up sleeve and tied sash are just a bit too work-a-day in tone. We’d have thought a pregnant woman wouldn’t have picked so many belted looks for what we assume is at or near her second trimester. They don’t look bad, but they do look a mite uncomfortable.



Well shit. We’re stunned. You stunned us, Megs. We didn’t think you had it in you at this time. Forget what we said about Royals eschewing pattern. What a GORGEOUS dress. And surprisingly head-turning in tone and full of personality. She’s been so demure and low-key that this comes off like a much more declarative and statement-making look than we’re used to seeing. We very much wish she’d worn her hair up with it, since the style nearly demands it, but we have no problem declaring this the best thing she’s worn in public since she got married. AttaDuchess.





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