One of our favorite things about awards shows (besides our inter-office gown debate, of course) is seeing what style bloggers Tom and Lorenzo have to say about the red carpet. Always incisive and hilarious, they seem to be able to say what we’re thinking without even knowing we’re thinking it.” Read more here >>

“Their blog, which offers sharp-tongued and often bitchy commentary on a potpourri of pop culture, is read by some fashion heavyweights. ‘They’re always funny and brutally honest,’ said Joe Zee, the creative director of Elle magazine. ‘And they know their stuff.'” Read more here >>

“Their following can only be described as cult-ish, thanks in large part to their insanely detailed’Mad Men recaps, dubbed Mad Style, which are referenced by anyone looking to do a deep dive about the colors, clothes, and fashion history lessons of the swinging ’60s.” Read more here>>

“Tom + Lorenzo, the sometimes bitchy, always brilliant brainchild of Tom Fitzgerald and Lorenzo Marquez, delivers hilarious commentary to millions of visitors each month.” Read more here >> 

“Tom and Lorenzo strike a chord with ‘snark, sass & style'” Read more here>>

“Tom Fitzgerald and Lorenzo Marquez run the celebrity fashion blog For the past five years, they’ve been cataloging almost every Mad Men outfit on their site for a series they call ‘Mad Style.'” Read more here>>

“The 12 Funniest Fashion People to Follow on Social Media – The duo’s Twitter bio really says it all, ‘The fabulous and opinionated b*tches behind’ Tom and Lorenzo don’t hold back when it comes to critiquing celebrity style, pop culture and fashion in general — follow them for their hilarious live-tweeting of the red carpets during award show season and of Project Runway each week.” Read more here >>

“Tom & Lorenzo reveal the upside in believing the world revolves around you.” Read more here >>

“With lavish use of screencaps and semiotic brilliance, Tom and Lorenzo offer a fashion tour of the generation gap revealed on last week’s Mad Men premiere…”  Read more here >>

“[Tom and Lorenzo]…have been meticulously cataloging almost every outfit of Mad Men since the beginning for a series on their blog called ‘Mad Style’…” Read More here >>

“Red Carpet Commentators: The Best of the Rest – Once reserved just for television personalities, the red carpet pundit class has grown to include social media stars. This witty duo — full names: Tom Fitzgerald and Lorenzo Marquez — started their first blog in 2006 and came to prominence with their encyclopedic breakdowns of the costume design on Mad Men. Now, their quips on everything from Glee to the Oscars are followed by more than 300,000 fans on Twitter.” Read More here >>

“The 10 Most Influential Gay Fashion Bloggers – If there are two fabulously opinionated bitches on the internet, it’s Tom and Lorenzo. The two run one of fashion’s fiercest blogs while also serving up some of the most detailed and thoughtful recaps of shows like Mad Men and The Walking Dead.” Read more here >>

“In the interest of saving you time, we’ve gathered all our favorite designers, models, bloggers, movers and shakers into one handy list […] Tom & Lorenzo” Read more here >>

“Our latest obsession is Tom + Lorenzo, the pop culture blog that offers a biting look at red carpet fashion.” Read more here >>

“They do know how to get an audience, as evidenced by: landing a book deal through Penguin’s Perigee imprint for the 2014 release of Everyone Wants to Be Me or Do Me, receiving invites to almost any New York Fashion Week show, being profiled in the New York Times, and winning the ear of some of fashion’s biggest names.

They even have a swell celebrity-couple abbreviation in ‘T-Lo.’

But don’t call them fashion critics – you won’t see them weighing the pros and cons of collections.

‘Objectivity,’ Marquez says, ‘has never been the goal.'” Read more here >>

“Tom and Lorenzo’s Mad Style –  No episode of Mad Men is complete without stopping by this website for provocative analysis of the show’s garments, from fashion history to power-color coding.” Read more here >> 

“Tom Fitzgerald and Lorenzo Marquez, the real-life couple that shot to Internet stardom with their ProjectRunGay blog, and now entertains millions with their witticisms on celebrity and fashion.” Read more here >>

“…the witty duo behind have an incisive eye when it comes to celebrity fashion and pop culture style. From their (very) in-depth analyses of the fashion on Mad Men to calling out celebs for their lackluster red carpet looks…” Read more here >>

“They see themselves as ‘educated outsiders’ critiquing fashion. ‘We’re describing people’s clothes. It’s a grand human tradition,’ Fitzgerald said. ‘I’m sure we were doing it in caves.’ ‘I can’t believe he’s wearing yak fur this season. Whatever. Anybody can do it.’… The voice they’ve tried to cultivate, in their own words, is that of your saucy, gay best friend, who will tell you that, yes, you do look fat in those jeans. But he loves you anyway.” Read more here >>

“We want our readers to feel that their best gay friend…is texting them from Fashion Week,’ says Fitzgerald, who projects they’ll cover some 90 shows. ‘There’s a sense of immediacy,’ says Marquez. ‘The whole world wants to be there, and we’re telling them what’s happening while it’s happening.’

The mean factor: The two are known for their acerbic wit. Marquez says, ‘I’m sure we’ve gone overboard, but, we would never say anything about anyone that we wouldn’t say to their face.'” Read more here >>

“Tom Fitzgerald and Lorenzo Marquez (of the popular fashion site Tom & Lorenzo) expound hilariously on what you can learn from the fame machine.” Read more here >>

“One small idea would be to replace some of Yahoo’s celebrity fawning omg! content with sharper, snarkier writers, such as the popular bloggers Tom and Lorenzo, for example. – 5 things Yahoo’s Mayer can learn from Steve Jobs…” Read more here >>

“If Tom Fitzgerald and Lorenzo Marquez were a big rainbow flag, I’d wave it proudly.” Read more here >>

“Tom and Lorenzo…Top 10 NYFW’s most influential [Twittersphere]” Read more here >>

“Enthused to be at Fashion Week, the excitable twosome thoroughly tweet about all aspects of the production, from what’s on the catwalk to celebs in attendance.” Read more here >>

“…Their tone is hilariously sassy and smart — these two know their stuff when it comes to celebrity style.” Read more here >>

“Seeing the best designer once again sacrificed on the altar of narrative, the top Project Runway bloggers Tom & Lorenzo threw in the scissors, composing a Goodbye Cruel World kissoff to the Project Runway they once loved … Bitterness cindered the floor and the Project Runway brand was covered with spitballs from the former faithful.” Read more here >>

“Fashion gurus Tom and Lorenzo gave high marks to Elle Fanning for the vintage dress (and Louboutins) she wore to Chabad’s Children of Chernobyl’s Children at Heart gala…” Read more here>>

“…the always-entertaining fashion bloggers Tom & Lorenzo ( weigh in with their analysis of the red carpet hits and misses at Venice…” Read more here >>

“The duo known as TLo joins Here & Now’s Robin Young and Jeremy Hobson to discuss fashion and style at the 87th Academy Awards.” Read more here >>

“For the sake of comparison — or education — go to the blog Tom and Lorenzo to observe what other young women about Yuja Wang’s age wore…” Read more here >>

“One of my favorite blogs is Last season they did a recap of the show the day after it aired — I’m praying they do it again — and at one point they called me a “useless monkey bitch.” I’ve never laughed harder…” Read more here >>

“A-List is back […] I am reading the recaps at, which if you haven’t discovered, oh my goodness, the scorn will burn your face off through the computer screen.” Read more here >>

“I asked some eminent gay, lesbian, and bisexual writers to tell me about their first visit to a gay bar…” Read more here >>

“The Tom and Lorenzo fashion blog added…” Read more here >>

“‘Our thing is that if you’re gonna dress up, put the effort in. On the red carpet you need to entertain us — that’s what you’re there for,’ said blogger Tom Fitzgerald, who, with his partner Lorenzo Marquez, runs the popular former Project Rungay website (now called Tom and Lorenzo) that morphed into a lively red-carpet forum often featuring side-by-side photographs of outfits on red carpet stars and as originally on the runway.” Read more here >>

“Bloggers Tom and Lorenzo of the Tom&Lorenzo blog […] discussing lingerie-inspired dresses worn at the Vanity Fair party following the Academy Awards.” Read more here >>

“Tom Fitzgerald writes a gay-themed blog with Lorenzo Marquez about their favorite reality show, Project Runway.” Read more here >>

“Hit up the always hilarious Tom and Lorenzo for a look-by-look evaluation of whether this was the gayest Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show ever.” Read more here >>

“So when we want real commentary about a dress made of licorice…” – Top 10: The Best in TV, the Web, Books and Beyond – Read more here >>

“Obsessively chronicles every episode as well as any and all behind-the-scenes gossip.” Read more here >>

“Tom and Lorenzo have a Project Runway, fashion and style blog […] Check it out…it’s bitchy and fun and addicting!” Read more here >>

“…a good fashion round-up […] from the excellent Tom and Lorenzo.” Read more here >>

“That whole blog, by the way, is just beyond fabulous.” Read more here >>

“Opinionated fashion and TV blogging couple Tom and Lorenzo dedicate at least two posts a week to Mad Men. […] The posts on style showcase how much a character’s outfit can communicate his or her social status and personal storyline.” Read more here >>

“…the very astuteTom and Lorenzo take a strong stand against this kind of magazine stunt…” Read more here >>

“…Tom and Lorenzo […] whose award-winning blog is read by fashionistas the world over.” Read more here >>

“Tom and Lorenzo […] have it on good authority that producers are aware of the backlash and are looking to fans for advice.” Read more here >>

“I have once again fallen under the spell of Tom and Lorenzo…” Read more here >>

“Their blog is catty but filled with insightful and honest repartees, which reflect the couple’s conversations throughout the day.” Read more here >>

“…if websites could talk (or eat, for that matter), this is the one we’d want to have lunch with. – The Best of the Web: The 25 Best Fansites..”  Read more here >>

“…as Tom Fitzgerald of the Project Rungay blog described it to the New York Times.” Read more here >>

“‘For once, Christian is someone who lives up to his own expectation of himself,’ said Tom Fitzgerald […] It was Fitzgerald and his co-blogger who christened Siriano ‘Princess Puffysleeves.'” Read more here >>

“…deliciously bitchy blogging empire.” Read more here >>

“This blog rules the runway.” Read more here >>

“…LOVE this website. Great commentary every week.” Read more here >>

“Fashion Blogs We Like…” Read more here >>

“Tom and Lorenzo, who maintain a fantastic blog on style and fashion in television and movies, have provided some of the most in-depth, contextualized analysis of the clothing and decor on Mad Men that I’ve ever seen.” Read more here >>

“Oh, we just know we are going to get addicted.” Read more here >>

“…for catty commentary on the hit Bravo show.” Read more here >>