Meghan Markle SHOCKS AND STUNS With Her Style at the Endeavor Fund Awards, Which Prince Harry Attended Too

Posted on February 01, 2018

Let’s pretend they’re chic international spies, dashing off to adventure. No, wait. Even better: let’s pretend she’s an actress and he’s a prince and they’re both impossibly hot and look good in the right clothes.

Yes. Let’s go with that:


We imagine the press will have a field day and pretend like she’s upsetting the natural order by attending an evening event in pants, but whatEVER, bitches. She’s playing the game, and right now the name of that game is “Support British Pride and Establish Your Own Unique Persona Within this Singular Clan.”

We didn’t say the game had a catchy name.

Anyway, she’s got the McQueen on, which is both a smart and expected sort of PR move, but the style is modern, high-fashion, and just a little sharper in tone than the normal Windsor Wife fare. It’s not shocking, but it’s declarative and has a point to it. Plus she just looks great.




Style Credits:
Alexander McQueen Black Suit
Tuxe Pussy Bow Bodysuit
Birks Jewelry

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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