Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Go in Different Directions at the RAF Centenary Event

Posted on July 10, 2018

Well, we can definitely say that Megs is not looking to Cathy for all her style guidance.


Apparently this quadruple appearance was something of a surprise to the press, which makes us wonder if the younger superstars of the family are being hurriedly pressed into further service since Grandma Betty has pulled back on her public duties – although she was in attendance today. On the other hand, you don’t just throw outfits like this together at the last minute and we tend to make or take such speculation with a massive grain of salt.

Anyway, we have opinions here.

The first opinion is that Cathy’s Dacre brooch, which is the highest honor a female cadet can receive, is fairly gaudy but at least she paired it with a garment that tends to play it down just a little. The coat dress is nice enough and she sure is getting a lot of mileage out of that pale blue lately, but it’s kind of a shame the fit appears to be a little off around the waist. That’s no crime for a postpartum woman, but considering this is custom made, the folks who did the fitting fell down on the job. Can’t say we’re all that crazy about the hat, but we’re glad she’s started wearing her hair up more. It just never looks right to us when women wear these retro style headpieces and then let their hair hang down under them.


This strikes us as a slightly odd set of choices. The dress is pretty and we love the fit-and-flare silhouette, but the black gives it a funereal tone while the silhouette seems like a bit much for a morning church service. And the fascinator seems more appropriate for something like Ascot than an event like this one. But it’s the footwear that has us completely puzzled. Who wears an all-black ensemble and then chooses beige pumps to finish it off? It just looks odd to us.

She does love that bateau neckline, though. Can’t say we blame her, since she can rock it.


Quibbles aside, they still make an impressive and glamorous quartet.



Style Credits:
Meghan Markle: Christian Dior Black Dress | Cartier Earrings | Christian Dior Clutch | Stephen Jones Fascinator | Christian Dior Shoes
Kate Middleton: Alexander McQueen Dress | RAF Dacre Brooch | Sean Barrett Hat

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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