Celebrity Roundup for March 24, 2020

Posted on March 24, 2020

Darlings, there are two things we love about celebrities: Everything they do, and the fun we have criticizing them for it. Why, we’ve pretty much built our entire media empire around those dual concepts. But in this time of quarantine and uncertainty, we tend to be far more supportive of their little efforts to keep us entertained, even if they fuck it up now and then. Here are a selection of famous folks doing their best to use whatever gifts they have — and most of them didn’t fuck it up.

First up, Sir Patrick, serving us CULTCHA:





Christopher Meloni, giving the gays what they want:





Miley Cyrus is trying her hand at an Instagram talk show and while it’s not… shall we say, executed with flair and flawlessness, the attempt is wholehearted and in the end, very Miley:

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@theellenshow, @rickeythompson, @emilyosment

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When it comes to mindless entertainment, you really can’t go wrong with Trixie and Katya:




Sufjan gave us a soundtrack for soothing:




While this is only a trailer, it illustrates our point that celebs with writing staffs and access to good camera and lighting equipment can still produced polished, funny work:


That 60-second clip was so much smoother and more professional than the hostage videos Colbert and Fallon are releasing.


And finally, Sam fails to try hard enough, bless his heart.


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Let’s see YOUR Highland Fling!? @outlander_starz Ouch…. #stayhealthy

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