The 20 WORST Red Carpet Looks of 2019, Part Two: The Painfully Bad

Posted on December 24, 2019

WARNING: If you’re full of holiday sugar and holiday booze, please proceed with caution, as the following sights may induce nausea or even hysterical blindness in extreme cases. If you have the fortitude, carry on, judgmental kitten. And if you somehow missed part one of this list of atrocities, you can find it right here. All caught up, then? Good.


15: Taylor Swift in Versace at the Teen Choice Awards

Look, if this actually was legendary actress and night-time soap vixen Morgan Fairchild, we would applaud her for keeping things fresh, but because this is a person nearly four decades younger than the legend, we feel like something has gone seriously wrong with her choices.





14: Alison Brie in Elie Saab at the MTV Video Music Awards

Look, wear what you want without fear of judgment, but the design of this dress actually pisses us off it’s so bad. We’re not exactly connoisseurs of the female form, but even we know that neckline and those panties are horrible ways to showcase it.




13: Emilia Clarke in Schiaparelli Couture at The Fashion Awards

This dress needs to switch to decaf.




12: Scarlett Johansson in Celine at the “Marriage Story” Venice Film Festival Premiere

“Just put me in a tight red dress and slap on a smokey eye. I can handle the rest.” No, girl.





11: Kristen Stewart in Chanel at the Deauville American Film Festival

If this were a film about a debutante who steals a Chanel from her grandmother’s closet and goes on a killing spree, we would applaud the costume design. It’s not and that’s tragic.

More to come! Don’t miss our much kinder BEST RED CARPET LOOKS lists!





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