The 20 BEST Red Carpet Looks of 2019, Part Three: The Bold and the Beautiful

Posted on December 26, 2019

Continue along on our journey documenting the most fabulous and fashionable looks of the year, kittens! If you missed them, go catch up on parts one and two before jumping into this, the beginning of the Top Ten looks of the year, according to the only opinions that matter: ours. As we head into the home stretch and start highlighting the creme de la creme of red carpetry this year, one theme seems to be popping up again and again in our choices. It seems to us, looking back on the year, that the biggest, best red carpet moments tended to be prime examples of the increasingly popular Red Carpet Flex. And what is a Red Carpet Flex, you ask? As we said, come with us on a journey, darlings.



10: Dame Helen Mirren in Chalayan at the “Catherine The Great” London Premiere

Showing up at your Catherine the Great premiere in a sedan carried by Cossacks? Kittens, that’s a damn FLEX. If the outfit was terrible we might have some issues with putting such spectacle on the list, but it’s actually quite chic and perfectly sets off the CtG jewels she wore during production. She looks gorgeous and confident and chic, but she also managed to serve up one of the most unforgettable red carpet moments of the year. This gal has still got it in her to shock, surprise and delight while serving a killer lewk.




9: Dwayne Johnson in Dolce&Gabbana at the “Jumanji: The Next Level” Los Angeles Premiere

When you’re The Rock, literally every action you take is a major flex of one sort or another, but a fitted baby blue tuxedo with a large-scale gold rose print is a bold move that paid off beautifully, helped in no small part by the exquisite fit. Seriously, take some time to peer at all the details of that fit. Every inch.





8: Lizzo in Marc Jacobs at the Met Gala

Bow down to America’s next drag superstar. Because this year’s Met Gala theme was the broadly interpreted “camp,” we found ourselves skipping past most of the lewks when it came to compiling this list, largely because the event calls for costumes and high spectacle rather than style. But we just couldn’t shake this one and eventually had to admit that, as fashion statements go, it’s a pretty powerful and appealing one. Miss Lizzo had herself a banner year and putting on a dress will never rank among her most worthy accomplishments, but when she sauntered onto that red carpet serving classic “red hot mama” drag in a high-fashion setting and reminding us all once again that girlfriend has no fucks left in her purse, we swooned.




7: Cynthia Erivo in Marc Jacobs at the “Harriet” Los Angeles Premiere

If anyone ever figures out how to make a gown out of joy, we think it would probably look a lot like this. This is stunningly beautiful and also quite impressive on a technical level, but the real power comes from the message. As she paid tribute to and promoted a prestige drama film about Harriet Tubman (a time and place when most actresses would be advised to stick to stately elegance), Cynthia served up a vision of black womanhood that was all about joyfulness and exuberance, beauty and power.




6: Gwendoline Christie in Gucci at the Emmy Awards

Because showing up at the Emmy awards as a nominee in full Roman Emperor drag (after submitting your own application when your producers wouldn’t) is the biggest, baddest red carpet flex we’ve ever seen.

Coming up next, the TOP FIVE of 2019 – and YOU get to decide the order! In the meantime, don’t forget to catch up on our WORST list (one and two)!





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