Venice Film Festival: Scarlett Johansson in Celine at the “Marriage Story” Screening

Posted on August 30, 2019

We might as well start things off bluntly to prepare you: We had a really negative reaction to this look and it hasn’t much let up since we’ve taken the time to consider its qualities.




Let’s walk our way through this. PROs: It’s a classic, high-glam, high-impact, Jessica Rabbit-style Hollywood premiere look. It’s also exactly the kind of look to which she’s always been the most suited – and that may be part of the problem. Reading the red carpet tea leaves a little, Scarlett’s always been in possession of the dual understanding that she is both the classic curvy Hollywood blonde actress and she is also too savvy and too different from that image to portray it truthfully. In other words, she always falls back on this style but she always tries to fuck with it a little bit to make it more her own. Which leads us to … CONs: It’s too basic a dress, to the point that it doesn’t actually look all that high quality. She can handle all the pleating and gathering in the bust and bodice, but we don’t like the effect at all. Most important (and this is where she always goes a little goofy) the hair and makeup are just terrible. We’re ready to say it out loud (so to speak) and without fear of retribution: We HATE the wet look for anything other than a fashion editorial or ad campaign. As a real-world style, it only makes a gal look sweaty AF. As for the face slap, girl, that’s not your beat. Your K Stews and your Cara Delevingnes can handle several pounds worth of color and shimmer on their mugs and make it look effortlessly chic. You, Miss Scarlett, look a little undead here.

Our advice that you didn’t ask for and have no interest in considering? Switch the effect. Lean in to the (relatively) clean face/blowout head styling of the classic Hollywood blonde but ditch the Marilyn gowns for something with a little more edge, modernity and butchness to it.





Style Credits:
– Custom Celine High-slit Strapless Dress
Ana Khouri ‘Missy’ Diamond Earpiece
Harry Kotlar Round Brilliant Stud Earring

Styled by Molly Dickson | Hair by Frankie Boyd | Makeup by Davy Newkirk

[Photo Credit: Simone Comi/ Venezia/IPA/, Camilla Morandi/Ipa/]

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