The 20 WORST Red Carpet Looks of 2019, Part One: The Best of the Worst

Posted on December 23, 2019

The JUDGIEST WEEK OF THE YEAR continues, darlings! We kicked things off by starting our “BEST Red Carpet Looks of 2019” list here, but as we all know, for every positive blog post, there must come an equal and opposite negative one. Don’t let’s think of this as bitchy judgmentalism, darlings. Think of it as the universe evening things out. Sort of like the force. Just think of us as your Jedi Masters of Judgment.



20: Yara Shahidi in Prabal Gurung at the BET Awards

Ironically, Miss Yara holds the exact same position on this year’s BEST list. Still, it’s not surprising to see the same people pop up on both lists. The downside of being someone who likes to play with fashion and takes risks is that sometimes, the risks don’t pay off. We actually really like the styling here and think the colors look gorgeous on her, but the shapes of the skirt and sweater are hideously unworkable.





19: Lily Collins in Giambattista Valli Couture at the “Tolkien” London Premiere

Much like how the first entries on the BEST list might not be the most stunningly stylish of the year, the looks listed here don’t represent the very worst of the worst. Just the best of the worst. Which means this isn’t eye-searingly awful; just weird and goofy and badly shaped. Also: the makeup is horrible.





18: Lena Dunham in 16Arlington at the “Once Upon a Time In Hollywood” London Premiere

Case in point: Miss Lena’s attempt at glamour here. It’s a look that has its defenders, based mostly on the idea that she picked the right time to get sparkly and feathered, and a bit on the idea that you can’t expect much better than this from her. Well we can and we do, especially in a world where stylists exist. The shape is bad, the fit is bad, and the colors are garish on her.



17: Anne Hathaway in Elie Saab at the Golden Globes

Another example of a look that some might consider borderline or arguable. In fact, Lorenzo originally considered this look for the BEST list, until Tom berated him out of it convinced him otherwise. Nothing wrong with the hair, makeup or accessories, but the design of that dress is horrible.



16: Alison Brie in Orseund Iris at “Glow” Q&A Event

Ah, NOW we’re getting to the good stuff on the list. And by “good stuff,” we mean the truly, inarguably awful stuff. Miss Alison served us more than her share of style disappointments this year, but this polka-dotted nightmare definitely ranked among her worst.


More to come!


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