Teen Choice Awards 2019: Taylor Swift in Versace

Posted on August 12, 2019

It’s funny. Back in the days of our much bitchier early blogging career, we had a couple of issues with Miss Tay’s public persona; namely, her tendency to dress and present herself in a juvenile, faux wide-eyed manner and (not unrelated) her … shall we say lack of sincerity in her public persona. Because this was back in the days when she could do no wrong, we were regularly treated to vigorous pushback against any criticism of her. We say this is funny because now, the general consensus on Tay (to the point that she has spent a good deal of her recent career battling the charge) is that she’s a bit of a phony, plus she’s ditched the juvenile style for something that, well … adds a decade or two.


Miss Morgan Fairchild, everyone. She’s here for the teens.

The even funnier thing is, we’ve come around on her and we tend to think a lot of the attempts to cancel her or call her out tend to be a little unfair. Without overstating the case too much, it’s clear that she’s got the perspective of an artist. She definitely works through her own history and issues in her recording career. She gets a lot of flack for that; for recording songs that often seem like musical payback to her critics, but if Tay really is a little petulant or defensive in her personality, she’s actually correct to allow that to come through in her music. The thing about singer/songwriters who hit the mainstream in their teen years and then sustain their career well into adulthood is that they are creating art during a period where they’re literally still forming as a person and are prone to all sorts of mistakes and drama. It’s almost crazy that we’re saying this, given how much guff we’ve given her over the years, but we look forward to her hitting her thirties and creating some real, lasting work as a mature artist. No, really.

Anyway, a print like this quite easily reads as geriatric, which means a young person needs to approach it with caution. The jacket’s fine, but she should’ve worn it over a romper in a solid, matching color or just worn the closed jacket alone over a pair of shorts. The peek of red cami makes no sense for the look. The beartrap shoes look straight outta 2009.





Style Credits:
– Versace Multicoloured Signature Print Ensemble from the Pre-Fall 2019 Collection
– Misahara Earrings
– Irene Neuwirth, Emily P. Wheeler and VRAM Rings
– Kat Maconie ‘Kiko‘ Sandals

Styled by Joseph Cassell Falconer

[Photo Credit: INSTARimages, farfetch.com]

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