Oscars 2018: Octavia Spencer-Ology

Posted on March 03, 2018

Darlings our intense scrutiny of the awards-season red carpetry of the actress Oscar nominees continues, as we try and finalize our predictions as to what they’ll all wear for Prom Night. If you haven’t caught up on our previous course-work, allow us to help:

Margot Robby-ology

Saoirse Ronan-ology

Mary J. Blige-ology

Allison Janney-ology

Laurie Metcalf-ology

Collect them all!

And now, onward to the easiest “ology” subject of them all. So easy, that we’re not even going to need to analyze her outfits to predict what she’ll wear for the Oscars. In fact, we don’t even have to use words to do it. If you’ve done the coursework and followed along on all your studies, we think you should have the skills to crack this code on your own:

At the Venice Film Festival in Tadashi Shoji


At the Toronto Film Festival in Tadashi Shoji


At the Palm Springs Film Festival in Tadashi Shoji


At the AFI Awards in Tadashi Shoji


At the Golden Globes in Tadashi Shoji


At the Critics Choice Awards in Tadashi Shoji


At the BAFTA Awards in Sachin & Babi

Time’s up, pencils down. The answer to the question of what Miss Octavia will be wearing to the Oscars is this: Something by Tadashi Shoji, in black or pink, with sheer or lace details and beading or sequins.

Girlfriend has a look and mostly sticks to the one man who consistently gets it right for her. Having said that, we’d love it if she surprised us. Even if she doesn’t pick Tadashi Shoji to dress, we suspect she’ll still stick to the kinds of looks he tends to provide her.


[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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