Oscars Countdown: Margot Robbie-ology

Posted on February 28, 2018

Darlings, it’s a new school of study! It’s the study of Margot Robbie – or at least, the study of her awards track style choices leading up to her big night. Let’s take a look at all the gowns she’s worn leading up to her arrival on Oscars night as a nominee and try to predict what she’ll wear on Sunday. One thing’s for sure, going by the collage above: she’s not into color right now.


At the Hollywood Film Awards in Louis Vuitton

Given the standing of the Hollywood Film Awards in the leadup to the Oscars (pretty low on the pole), we don’t think this look necessarily offers much in the way of predictions, although it’s notable for being so strong and such a high-fashion look so early in the awards track game. One thing about Miss Margot and her poledancing: she doesn’t half-ass it.

This is awful, of course. And the likelihood of her wearing a bold print on Oscars night is very low.


At the Gotham Independent Spirit Awards in Saint Laurent

Another look that isn’t likely to be replicated on Sunday night, but once again, the story here is just how well she’s managed her awards-track promo style. Saint Laurent at the Gotham Awards? Miss Girl’s not fooling around.

It’s vaguely in that ’80s-esque vein that most of her “I, Tonya” red carpetry had, although she’s been playing that down a bit in the leadup to the Oscars.


In Altuzarra at the Governor’s Awards, November 2017

It’s classically chic and pretty with one exuberant detail. That’s basically her wheelhouse as she’s defined it this past year. She leans into her Michelle Pfeiffer-esque silver screen goddess looks, but she also likes to bring a little bit of drag queen into the proceedings.



At the L.A. Premiere of “I, Tonya” in Versace

Michelle Pfeiffer White Gold realness.

If anything, we think this particular style is the most likely one for her on Sunday night, only ramped up considerably. Think Charlize Theron and the way she used to really play up her Golden Goddess persona.


At the Golden Globes in Gucci

Black and broad-shouldered in that ’80s way, with one eye-pulling element, in this case the silver applique.

We might consider this a preview of her Oscars style, but she’ll more than likely be waved away from something with heavy applique. Much like bold prints, it’s an element that can go wrong easily on a night when breezily regal perfection is expected from every nominee.


At the Paris Premiere of I, Tonya in Rodarte

Like the gold Versace gown, we think this one gives us more of a hint as to where she might go for the big night. When she’s not doing ’80s fashion or Screen Siren realness, she goes for softly pretty romantic looks in pink – which is, we suppose, just another iteration of her predilection for the looks of the ’80s.



At the Critics’ Choice Awards in Chanel

We adored this look but there’s no way she’s showing up on Sunday looking anything like this. She’s still not half-assing it by wearing Chanel to the Critics Choice Awards, but she took the opportunity for the type of fun and edgy styling she most likely won’t sport for the Oscars.



At the SAG Awards in Miu Miu

Soft pink romance, with a little bit of Hollywood sparkle and one draggy touch. We didn’t realize it at the time, but this may be the quintessential Margot Robbie awards track look, since it embodies all her major style motifs of the past six months.



At the Producers Guild Awards in Louis Vuitton

Meh. It’s black and has one interesting element, but it’s easily the least interesting dress in this post. This one smacks of contractual obligation to us, but we could be reading too much into it.



At the BAFTA Awards in Givenchy

Not a chance in hell she’ll show up looking like this for the Oscars. Her makeup and hair are underplayed and the silhouette leaves her shapeless. It’s a fine enough look for where she is (although we can’t say we love it), but Oscar’s night calls for a cross between Goddess and Princess – and she’s the type of gal who actually loves working on that continuum.

T Lo’s Tea-Leaf Reading: It’s possible that the Time’s Up movement influenced her choice to wear black some of the time, but her preferences for it predate the movement itself, so we suspect she really loves wearing it. To her credit, she almost never picks dull black dresses to wear. They all have some element or point of interest to keep it from getting monotonous or funeral. Having said that, we predict she’ll step out in either a shimmering metallic or a soft pink, since those are her other strong preferences and they tend to be more Oscars-appropriate. One thing’s for sure: it’ll be a major design house. She clearly has a liking for all the biggest names: Chanel, Vuitton, Versace, Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Gucci. We’d bet cash money one of those labels will be sewn inside her dress on Sunday night.




[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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