Oscars Countdown: Saoirse Ronan-Ology

Posted on March 01, 2018

Kittens, we gave Miss Margot Robbie the “Ology” treatment, and then we followed that up by doing the same for Miss Allison Janney. For our third in this series, in which we scrutinize the awards season red carpet choices of an Oscar nominee in order to predict what they’re going to wear for the Big Night on Sunday, we’re going to peer closely at the least predictable of all the nominees, Miss Saoirse Ronan, up for Best Actress for Lady Bird.

She dresses for the red carpet like someone who doesn’t particularly love dressing up or doesn’t quite know what her own style preferences are yet. She’s all over the map, is what we’re saying. But there are a few things you can count on when Miss Saoirse makes her choice. She prefers black, white or pink; sometimes all three in the same look. Her silhouette varies wildly from look to look, although there’s a slight preference for sleekness. Her hair and makeup similarly vary, but she likes to put on a dramatic face when it suits her.


At the Governors Awards in Ralph Russo

We don’t think there was any question on her team’s end that she was going to be pushed onto the awards track very early. This is a strong look, but not an obnoxiously attention-seeking one. It’s a good way to start her off without going over the top. And it tends to embody some of her preferences. She seems to favor fairly basic looks with one focus-pulling (and often goofy) detail, like the design of the bodice here.


At the Gotham Independent Film Awards in Rodarte

Possibly because she almost never plays traditional romantic leads, she doesn’t really lean into her sweetly romantic looks as much as another actress might. This is pure Ingenue; a style she only cycles through every now and then, even though it’s the very best style for her at the moment. But like we said, it doesn’t fit her image right now, so it’s only lightly deployed.



At the Palm Springs International Film Festival in Gucci

It may be unfair of us, but we tend to see this as the quintessential Ronan look. It’s got an ironic femininity to it and it’s somewhat aggressively ugly in that Kristen Stewart-before-she-figured-it-out kind of way.

You will not be seeing this version of Saoirse on Sunday night. We can pretty much guarantee it.


At the New York Film Critics Awards in Calvin Klein Collection

Girlfriend sure loves that B/W/P color combo, doesn’t she? This sort of harshness in her style and severity in her choice of pieces is all of a piece with her sense of style; from the pretty and romantic to the ironically ugly to High-Fashion Hillary. It’s not so much that she’s making conscious statements, it’s that she’s revealing the various moods and sides of her as an actress. As much as we might furiously nitpick her choices, she’s telling a somewhat interesting story about herself on the red carpet.



At the Golden Globes in Atelier Versace

This isn’t the quintessential Ronan look, but it is one of the best ways of interpreting her style. It’s got that hardness and sleekness that she likes, but the simplicity of the design coupled with the softness of her makeup are the perfect combination for her.



At The National Board of Review Awards in Emilia Wickstead

While it’s not entirely out of the question that she would wear pants on Oscars night (in fact, she’s probably one of the most likely of the lady noms to do so), we doubt very much this outfit can offer us anything in the way of predictions or clues. Peg this one to her preference for varying silhouettes and textural fabrics, but other than that, this is not likely to inspire her Oscars look.

A lady tux, yes. We could see that for her.



At the SAG Awards in Louis Vuitton

Pink and black with a goofy-ass detail. It really is the most likely direction she’s going to go, we’re afraid.



At the Directors Guild of America Awards in Calvin Klein Collection

This was a real step outside of her comfort zone, in shape, in style and in color. We don’t love the dress, but it made for a nice surprise. We doubt, however, that she’ll be wearing a full skirt on Sunday. It’s really rare for her. And this dress aside, plunging necklines haven’t really been her thing lately. We just hope she doesn’t show up with that lip color.


At the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in Chanel

Goofy and textural. Let’s skip lightly past this one and hope for the best.



At the BAFTA Awards in Chanel

Goofy and textural, with a silhouette that couldn’t have been predicted.

This is why it’s anyone’s guess what she’s going to wear for the Oscars. She wore a stunning green gown a couple years back, but since her color preferences for the last six months have been so strictly limited, it’s hard to see her going that route. On the other hand, it seems too easy to say “She’ll definitely be in pink and black, since that’s all she’s worn lately.” It’s not unusual for actresses to have a certain look for their awards season poledance and then show up on Oscars night in something totally unexpected. It’s the Hathaway move, and Saoirse’s just the type of gal to pull it.

But fine. Predictions: Sleek in silhouette, with a softly framed and made-up face. Strong earrings. Most likely in one of the colors seen above, with metallic touches. In other words, romance-novel-cover face with sci-fi-novel-cover dress.


[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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