National Board of Review Awards Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on January 09, 2023

We gave spotlight posts to the rhyming trio of Janelle, Michelle, and Danielle, but plenty of other stars showed up to the National Board of Review Gala serving looks. Other stars showed up and didn’t serve looks. Let’s assess!


Ariana DeBose

A lovely, loungey, Liza-y way to interpret a ladytux, we think, although the various competing blacks tend to bug a little. Her hair and makeup look fantastic.


Collin Farrell

Barely trying. It is a nice suit, though.


Danny Ramirez

A pretty nice suit that should never have been paired with a turtleneck or boots.


Oscar Isaac (in Dolce & Gabbana) and Elvira Lind

Behold the man for whom the double-breasted jacket was designed: on the shorter side, with broad shoulders and a small waist. Double breasted jackets are for emphasizing a waist and accentuating the shoulders. Very tall men, thick-waisted men, and men with barrel chests need not apply. That color looks amazing on him and we love the footwear choice.


Jenny Slate in Rasario

From the back, it’s kind of fun in a ’90s formal sort of way, but that bust design is terrible. The cups seem designed to flatten and the modesty panel is horrible.


Jessie Buckley in Schiaparelli

We like when she goes for a harder edge in her style. It suits her so much better than the more traditionally girly stuff, which we think might confuse or annoy her, going by her various attempts to be more conventional. As much as we love Schiaparelli’s fascination with the body, we don’t think those toe shoes work as well with a pair of pants. You need more of an exposed leg to get the full effect.

Kerry Condon in Prada

She seems to have a preference for fairly plain strapless dresses, which is kind of a shame. Like the last one she wore, this one doesn’t do anything for her. The dye effect adds some interest, but the design does nothing with it.


Paul Dano

It’s a nice enough suit but we like him better when he’s taking some risks. We can’t get used to this trend of shorter sleeve lengths on jackets paired with longer sleeve lengths on shirts. It’s been happening too much and too consistently to be a mistake.


Sienna Miller in Alessandra Rich

If we saw this dress anywhere else – on a rack, in an ad, on another person – we’d almost certainly consider it a Sienna Miller dress. It’s so very her style that they might as well just name it after her. This is kind of pretty, but the washed-out textile doesn’t photograph all that well. That belt doesn’t go with it at all, but if those are diamonds, we can’t fault a girl for trying to make it work.



[Photo Credit: ROGER WONG/ Images, Charles Guerin/ABACA/ Images, Darla Khazei/ Images]

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