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PinIsa Restaurant and Cocktail Bar – Madrid, Spain

Since we woke up with jackhammers going at it literally about 6 feet away from our bedroom wall, we are feeling the need for a chic cocoon of a LOunge for this THURSDAY workday. The aforementioned jackhammering may prevent us from recording our podcast today, but we’ll have it for you tomorrow at the latest. In the meantime, slide onto something velvet and wait for your day to become fabulous.


Nathan Fielder and Emma Stone Take a Ride on the Wild Side as TV’s Cringiest Couple
The friends and co-stars of the boundary-pushing comedy ‘The Curse’ reveal their show’s true targets, the viral Oscar scandal that wasn’t and why one of them decided to change their name.

If there was an Emmy category for “deeply discomfiting yet frequently hilarious series,” The Curse would fit squarely in it. But the show — which concluded Jan. 12 on Showtime and ended up being 10 one-hour episodes — has entered all categories as a drama. Anyone who has watched The Curse until its jaw-dropping finale knows there was nothing remotely light about the material at hand. (Well, nothing, that is, except Asher himself. If you’ve watched, you know.)
Fielder, 40, and Stone reconvened on April 13 in Santa Fe — just 25 miles from Española, where the action of The Curse unfolds. There, over green chile chicken enchiladas at a local eatery called Cafe Castro, they recounted to The Hollywood Reporter all the secrets of crafting a TV game-changer.


Jinkx Monsoon and Cole Escola on the Business of Being Funny
Two of Broadway’s most exciting stars sit for a chat about muses, performance, and drag

The other day I teared up watching TikTok—not an unusual weekday occurrence. After snooping in on my texts and emails, the algorithm must have recognized that I had been looking up Broadway shows more than usual and showed me a clip of Jinkx Monsoon, the first two-time winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race, circa 2013, being interviewed by Rupaul. In it, Ru asks Monsoon what she wants to do with her life post-competition and without missing a beat, Monsoon answers, “It’s been my life dream, ever since I started doing drag, to do drag on Broadway.”
Today, over 10 years after that first RuPaul’s Drag Race win, there’s no question that Monsoon’s life dream has been realized.


Apparently being ‘over hydrated’ is a thing, but how much water is too much?
Yes, you can drink too much water.

Plump skin is the ultimate beauty goal, and drinking water is a good way to get there. But according to experts, being “over hydrated” by drinking too much water can be as potentially dangerous as drinking too little.
These days, it seems every juicy-complexioned wellness influencer on #WaterTok is sipping their H2O from giant sippy Stanley cups. That’s no bad thing when you consider water keeps the body functioning properly, says facialist and skincare specialist Claudia Barthelemy Bernardo.


The most epic Met Gala dresses of all time
Fashion’s biggest red carpet of the year is less than two weeks away.

With the Met Gala under two weeks away, fashion fans are on the edge of their seats as we eagerly await the most major red carpet of the year.
Taking place on Monday May 6th, the Met Gala will mark the opening of the Costume Institute’s annual fashion exhibit which is this year entitled Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion.
With Zendaya, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Hemsworth, Bad Bunny and Anna Wintour serving as the evening’s co-chairs – we’re expecting some pretty major looks.
But while we wait patiently for the final embellishments to be appliquéd and the 2024 red carpet to be rolled out, now is the perfect time to take a nostalgic look back at the Met Gala fashion moments that have thrilled us over previous years.


The line of succession to the British throne – full list explained
Who is in line for the throne?

The royal line of succession to the British throne is one of the most talked-about family trees there is – and answers the commonly-asked question: who is in line for the throne? Of course, following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles and Queen Camilla were crowned in a historic ceremony in London in 2023 – and you might be wondering how the royal line of succession currently sits.
As it stands, Prince William is the current heir to the throne, followed by his son Prince George, and so on – since the line of succession automatically changed when Charles became King following the passing of Queen Elizabeth.
In 2023, an official change was made to the royal line of succession which refers to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s two children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, by their royal titles.


Baby Reindeer’s Creator and Star Is Begging You to Stop Looking For His Abuser
Comedian Richard Gadd has called out fan “speculation” around the real people who inspired the characters in his hit Netflix series: “That’s not the point of our show.”

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe may be known for its immersive theater, but comedian Richard Gadd does not want you to get involved in his personal life. The creator and star of Netflix’s Baby Reindeer, which dramatizes real-life trauma Gadd experienced, recently took to Instagram to tell fans of his hit series to stop trying to uncover the identities of people depicted in the show.


‘Baby Reindeer’: When Viewers Stalk The Stalker
Since Netflix released ‘Baby Reindeer’ earlier this month we’ve seen a rise in armchair detectives taking to social media to uncover the real-life identities of the characters being portrayed. But at what point does the viewer become the stalker?

It’s a dangerous habit and yet we’re all guilty of it – to some extent. In the 10 seconds between when the Netflix wheel starts swirling and the next episode loads, we’ve often found ourselves Googling the ‘real story’ and ‘true victims’ behind some of our favourite true crime documentaries, including The Tinder Swindler, Making A Murderer and The Keepers. You could put it down to the true crime-obsessed digital age we found ourselves living in, or our growing fascination with craving knowledge on-demand, but there’s an increasingly potent power dynamic at play among viewers who feel a sense of superiority over those whose lives play out and unravel on-screen.


A Third ‘Princess Diaries’ Film Is On Its Way, But Does It Make Sense In Today’s World?
A third ‘The Princess Diaries’ film is on its way but in a world that’s becoming increasingly intolerant of the monarchy, is its story still relevant in 2024?

The first film, upon its premiere in 2001, marked Anne Hathaway’s first feature film starring role, catapulting her into public consciousness. It was a huge commercial success, and as such, it’s no surprise that over 20 years after the film’s premiere, its third offering is in the works. To quote a viral tweet, a commonly held belief is that’ The Princess Diaries 3 movie will heal our broken nation’.


Bardot Bangs: The French Riviera Hair Trend That Suits Everyone
They say you can’t be what you can’t see – but there is one exception to the rule. Those not actually living the Riviera lifestyle can still embody the spirit of the South of France via their hair – and nothing is chicer for summer than Bardot bangs. One of Google’s top trending search terms right now, Bardot bangs are inspired by Brigitte Bardot, the French actor who is synonymous with perfect hair.


Willkommen Back: Cabaret Star Gayle Rankin Returns to Broadway as Sally Bowles
“In beautiful ways and devastating ways, we need Cabaret,” the Scottish actress, who stars in the new Broadway revival, tells T&C.

Gayle Rankin made her Broadway debut in 2014 in Cabaret. It only feels right that a decade later, she’s making her return to Broadway in the same show—but a very different production, and trading the role of Fräulen Kost for Sally Bowles. “It holds a lot of meaning and a lot of weight,” she says. “Cabaret’s become as a marker in my life about my own growth, as a woman, and as a performer. To see your life marked by a piece of art is really rare. I’m not really sure how this could get more meaningful to me.”


Here’s the Legal Reason Why Irish Bars Are Always Named After People
More than 150 years ago, U.K. legislators enacted a law that laid the foundation for what would inadvertently become a staple of Irish pub names.

From Midtown Manhattan to a Mount Everest base camp in Nepal, you can find an Irish bar serving up Guinness.
But while the locations vary greatly, one thing stays consistent — if you walk into one of these establishments it’s likely going to be named Murphy’s, Kelly’s, O’Malley’s, or some other Irish surname. And that’s not an accident or coincidence.


The 6 Best Vermouths for Negronis, According to Bartenders
From classic Torino-style to rich and bittersweet, these are the bottles top bar pros recommend for your next Negroni.

Over the past decade, the Negroni has ascended to the pinnacle of the cocktail world. This Italian aperitivo classic has become a permanent fixture on bar menus worldwide, alongside endless riffs and variations. However, the traditional build remains beloved among bartenders and drinkers alike.
“The Negroni should be a velvety, deeply chilled cocktail, with a perfect balance of bitter and sweet,” says Anthony Schmidt, director of education and co-beverage director at San Diego-based culinary group Consortium Holdings. “It should be an ‘anytime’ drink, a Swiss army knife wielded at any point of the day, any point of a meal.,” he says. “In one moment aperitif, in the next, digestif, then late-night sipper.”


Everything You Need to Know About Fast Fashion
While the meaning of “fast fashion” is fairly straightforward–the description is in the name, after all–understanding why it has become so ubiquitous requires a deeper look at the clothing industry as a whole. On the most basic level, fast fashion is quickly produced trends sold at low price points. But producing and consuming clothing at the current rate we are is taking a massive toll on both the planet and the people who work to make it.


4 tips for dealing with a ferocious allergy season
Seasonal allergies making you miserable? Here’s what you need to know.

It’s a sneezy, snotty, itchy-eyed time for many Americans — perhaps more so than ever before.
Seasonal allergies are the effects of the immune system’s overreaction to pollen spewed into the air by trees, grasses, and ragweed, most commonly in the spring (although really, year-round). Climate change is making allergy season worse: As warm seasons get warmer and last longer, more plants release more pollen for longer periods. Although the risk of developing allergies is hereditary, experts suspect higher pollen levels are tipping more genetically prone adults into developing seasonal allergies for the first time.


What’s the Best Way to Salt Scrambled Eggs?
Paying close attention to timing can help you avoid watery eggs. Kenji López-Alt explains why.

“Don’t season it,” a young Gordon Ramsay warns in the viral video that has no-doubt landed his soft scrambled eggs on countless breakfast tables. Salt “breaks down the eggs” and turns them into “something very watery,” he says sternly, adding that salt should be added during the last moments of cooking. In a different scrambled egg tutorial, he claims that salt added too early will make the eggs “go gray.” Is he right? Will seasoning eggs before cooking them ruin them? As with most simple questions, the answer can get quite complicated.


‘Challengers’ Heats Up: How Zendaya’s Star Power and a Sexy Love Triangle Could Give Gen Z Its Next Movie Obsession
The release of “Challengers” has been packed with so many contradictions, it’s no wonder no one knows what’s happening in the movie business anymore. This R-rated arthouse movie is being released wide domestically in theaters by a streamer (Amazon) that inherited the project in an $8.5 billion acquisition of a traditional studio (MGM).


‘Doctor Who’ Regenerates: How Ncuti Gatwa’s Historic Casting, Russell T Davies’ Return and a Disney+ Deal Revolutionized the Franchise
Since premiering in 1963, the seminal show has become part of the fabric of British culture, reaching across generations and prompting many a dinner-table argument about which Doctor is the best. The original series went off the air in 1989 after seven actors played the role, with an eighth appearing in a 1996 TV movie that failed to reignite excitement in the franchise. Then Davies ushered “Doctor Who” into the modern age in 2005, extending its episode lengths, giving it a sleek new look and crafting story arcs that extended throughout each season. Taking the reins was a dream for Davies, who says the show is “not only my first memory of television, but my first memory of life.”


Emma Stone denies calling Jimmy Kimmel a ‘prick’ over Oscars joke: ‘I wasn’t upset with him at all’
The “Poor Things” actress added that she’s “near-unoffendable.”

Emma Stone is no poor thing, taking offense at awards season jokes.
Back in March, Stone appeared visibly annoyed with Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel when he declared, “Those were all the parts of Poor Things that we’re allowed to show on TV” following the film’s Best Picture nominee montage.
But Stone denies that she had any problem with the quip, particularly internet speculation that she seemed to be mouthing the word “prick” in response to the joke. “Did he upset me?” she responded when The Hollywood Reporter asked her about the moment. “No! I didn’t call him a prick. What did I say? I didn’t call him a prick. I wasn’t upset with him at all. I’ll have to look that up. I’m near-unoffendable.”


14 Common Types of Strawberries—and the Subtle Differences Between Them
Because who doesn’t want to eat the best of these juicy berries?

Universally loved by fruit fans, gardeners, and sweet tooths everywhere, strawberries can turn something as ordinary as a bowl of granola or a smoothie into a cause for celebration. But, what are the best types of strawberries for eating or for using in your favorite dessert recipes? Some strawberries are small and fragile, others plump and juicy—and most are incredibly delicious. We delve into the abundance at our fingertips, from defining characteristics of strawberries to some of the best ways to enjoy these brilliant berries straight from the patch.


5 Types of Cabbage You’ll Find at the Grocery Store—and the Best Ways to Use Them
Super-healthy and versatile, this multi-faceted vegetable can be prepared and enjoyed in many different ways.

It may seem odd to tout cabbage as a trendy vegetable but here’s the thing: most types of cabbage are more extraordinary than ordinary. In fact, its wonders have been hiding in plain sight all along. Just as cauliflower, once pushed to the periphery for its mushy past, has been recast as an oven-roasted crowd-pleaser, cabbage is also getting its due, thanks to its versatility and health benefits. (That sulfurous odor, which gave it a bad rep way back when, only happens when it’s overcooked.) Here’s the lowdown on cabbage, including the best ways to prepare and enjoy every bite.


How to Pack a Suitcase to Ensure Everything Arrives Looking Neat and Tidy
Knowing how to efficiently pack your luggage will help you stay organized from your departure to the return flight.

Whether it’s an overnight trip or a week-long getaway, few things are more exciting than going on vacation. The one downside to any respite? Packing. From shirts and pants to loungewear and shoes, it can feel daunting to find a place for everything in your luggage. Knowing how to pack your suitcase doesn’t just give you more room for the items you want to bring on your trip; It also keeps chaos to a minimum when you arrive at your destination. Ahead, we spoke to organizing experts for their tips on how to pack the right way.

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