Oscars 2022 Countdown: Kirsten Dunst-ology

Posted on March 25, 2022

Of all of the 2022 Ology posts, this was our favorite to write. While Kristen Stewart, Ariana DeBose and Andrew Garfield put on admirably ambitious Oscar campaigns and served up tons of stylish looks in doing so, Kirsten Dunst has an interesting approach to her public promotional style that sets her apart from a lot of her peers.



In Ferragamo at the Venice Film Festival

We tend to keep the “ology” posts restricted to red carpet events, since we’re trying to suss out what the subject will be wearing on the Oscars red carpet. But we’re highlighting this getting-off-the-boat look in Venice because of something we said at the time. This level of hardcore fashionating on her part was an indication that she was taking this role all the way up to the Oscars red carpet. We detected a certain focus and ambition in the look that felt like a slight change from Kiki’s more laid-back, romantic, fussy preferences.



In Armani Prive at the Venice Film Festival premiere of The Power of the Dog

What’s interesting to us is that there’s a through-line in everything she’s wearing in this post, but each look is distinct and sometimes extremely different in tone and style.




In Gucci at the New York Film Festival premiere of The Power of the Dog

This is a very different approach from the other people who got the “ology” treatment this year. K Stew, Ariana DeBose and Andrew Garfield all pretty much settled on a look and a style for awards season and worked slight variations on it over time.



In Erdem at the BFI London Film Festival premiere of The Power of the Dog

But Kirsten went in a different direction each time, while still playing around in the style toybox she has preferred in the last several years: a grownup, womanly sort of romanticism.




At the LACMA Art + Film Gala in Gucci

There’s always fuss and frills and florals, just as there’s always a sense of the female form underneath them, but there’s an avoidance of juvenile or even overly sexy elements in most of her choices.




In Miu Miu at the Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards

It’s a decidedly thoughtful approach that shows an uncommonly adept understanding of fashion as both a form of self-expression and a form of self-promotion.




In Erdem at the SAG Awards

Kirsten has been in the business long enough to have a similar reaction to the modern red carpet as many other female stars who hit the big time prior to 1995 or so: a sense of bemusement, confusion, and occasional annoyance with how over the top it’s become. But unlike Julia Roberts or Michelle Pfeiffer or even Winona Ryder, she was a little girl the first time she walked a red carpet with the biggest A-list movie stars of the day. Millennials are often called “digital natives” for being the first generation to grow up in an online world. Kirsten Dunst is a red carpet native, with an understanding that can only come from walking a red carpet with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt before your 13th birthday – and then continuing to walk them with every other major star of the day for the next three decades.



In Julie de Libran at the Critics Choice Awards

She is very smart about her style and very good at using style to express herself, which allows her to sell a consistent image of herself as a prestige actress while strolling through awards season in looks ranging from “’40s Noir femme fatale” to “Marie Antoinette in her undergarments.” What is Kirsten Dunst going to wear on Oscar night? No one could possibly predict, but it will be a recognizable Kiki look the minute you lay eyes on it. That’s her skill.

But okay, if we had to predict: We don’t expect bold colors or florals from her. She’s a Hollywood vet of three decades and the Oscars are of major importance to her. She’s going to come in her best look and we suspect it will be classic and glamorous with perhaps a little bit of romance to it.



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