Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda Fashion Show Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on July 13, 2022

As much as we wish they all might move on to less problematic designers, celebrities still love Dolce & Gabbana and a whole bunch of them came out for the Alta Moda men’s and women’s shows as well as the after-parties. The reason the stars love D&G so much despite a history of racist or insensitive commentary from the house, is because the brand is extremely good, if not downright aggressive about courting them and it routinely delivers the kind of high-end, high-impact looks so many of them love to wear. So let’s judge the shit out of all of them, shall we? If you see them standing on a pier, they’re at the men’s show. If you see them standing on steps, they’re at the women’s show. If you see them standing in front of a hideous backdrop, they’re at the after party. LFG!



Every once in a while, D&G’s use of Roman or Sicilian iconography lands on the exact right person for it. We wouldn’t love this dress on most other wearers, but we’d be fools to suggest she looks anything less than gorgeous in it.



This also looks better on her than it has a right to. That textile could look very cheap and tacky on the wrong person, but this really looks great on her. Gold is definitely her color. It bounces off her skin beautifully.


And then this happened. Well, it’s a party, so you might as well go crazy, we guess. We have to admit, those boots are fabulous.




Drew Barrymore

Drew attended the women’s show in a similar Earth Mother sort of look, but we like this one much better, given what we can see from this angle. She doesn’t seem to like to pose head on, for some reason. Anyway, the jacket and skirt look great together.



Emma Roberts

Hate the top, love the skirt. Those boob flower beds are silly.


Nope. Don’t like the shape or the textile. Bag’s cute, though.



We don’t know how she managed to snag something so simple and low key, given what everyone else wound up wearing. We like it, but the mismatched blacks bug.



Greg Tarzan Davis

The man can work a shiny suit, but we’re not loving the Champagne color. He’d be better off in something richer.




Heidi Klum

This all appears to be in Heidi order. She is, after all, one of the few who could make a sleeveless bedazzled jumpsuit work for her. The placement of the crystals eliminates her waist, though.




Helen Mirren

Queen Helen got her own spotlight post, but it shouldn’t be any surprise that she hung around for the after-parties. This looks fantastic on her, although we don’t love the shoes and we think the hem could’ve used another inch.




Leslie Odom Jr. 

Well, if there’s a man alive who can make a peach sequined disco suit and matching velvet loafers work for him, it would have to be Leslie Odom, Jr.




Lucy Hale

The top half is stunning on her, but the skirt looks more appropriate for a beach coverup.



HAHAHAHA. Girl, NO. They’re fucking with you.



Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita also got a spotlight post and between the two ensembles she wore to the runway shows and this … effort, we are ready to announce that she should never allow her person to touch a D&G garment again. Girl, this is SO not your dress. And those shoes are too tacky for one such as you.




Sharon Stone

She knows how to make a look like this work for her, but as gorgeous as that train is, we don’t like the satin pants and we’re not convinced the blue and the gold work together.



Ooof, no. Not even you, legend. Go slap Stefano and Domenico for making you wear this.




[Photo Credit: Courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana]

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