Golden Globes 2021: Fashion Rundown – Part Two

Posted on March 03, 2021


Part one is here, darlings! And if you somehow missed the rest of our extensive Golden Globes 2021 coverage, shame on you! SHAME! If you would like to amend this grievous error and mitigate your own shame, you can click here and see every look we assessed. No need to thank us.

Let’s get judgy!


Awkwafina in Gucci

The pattern and style are nice, but those sleeves are a terrible design and the ruffle was not needed on the bottom. Both elements are way too distracting.



Amy Poehler in Moschino

This looks like it might be a little snug and we’re not loving how high that collar is, but this is a really cute dress for her and we love it with the black tights.



Andra Day in Chanel Couture

It took us a while to figure out that we have some issues with the design here. She’s just so distractingly beautiful that she can make anything look amazing on her. We don’t love the near non-color of the dress and while we think the design of the bodice is interesting, we hate the way it marries to the skirt.



Anya Taylor-Joy in Christian Dior

Can’t really get much of a look at this, but Miss Anya wasn’t going to let a lockdown spoil the biggest night of her career, so girlfriend came with a second dress, that she unveiled later in the night. Her first look was probably our fave of the night, which it makes it a tough act to follow, but this looks pretty enough. The jewelry strikes us as a bit too demure and gives the look a bridal undertone.



Isla Fisher in Alex Perry

That color looks stunning on her. She has the ability to make it look sophisticated when it would probably look juvenile or a little too pop star on anyone else. It helps that she’s also incredibly well-suited to the design. Just a sharp, bright, fun, chic look. Kind of a shame it didn’t get more time in the spotlight.




Jane Levy in Oscar de la Renta

Love the color, love the shape. The sort of moth-eaten effect it’s going for is pretty interesting, but we think it may have been a bit overdone. And there are too many gewgaws hanging off it.



Kristen Wiig in Prada

We love her fondness for weird and unexpected high fashion looks. While the shape here is a bit hard to love and those bows are kind of horrifying, she deserves all the credit for skipping cliches and showing up looking like no one else there. In a virtual sense, of course.



Lana Condor in Monique Lhuillier

She looks adorable, sweet, and beautiful in this. Everything a young rom-com ingenue wants to project. It’s the kind of dress so many actresses would reject for being too precious, but she makes these styles sing. Love that shade of blue on her.




Laura Dern in Givenchy

We wanted to love this, but the pants situation is dire.




Nicola Coughlan in Molly Goddard

This is the same dress Rosamund Pike wore to puddle stomping effect; a testament to the two ideas about fashion that we hold most dear: A garment is going to look wildly different on different people (hence, “Girl, that’s not your dress”) and styling is everything (hence, every red carpet post we’ve ever written). We LOVE what she’s done with this. Her eye makeup really makes the look.




Salma Hayek in Alexander McQueen

Sweetie, you practically co-own McQueen. You couldn’t pick something a weensy bit more interesting?




Tiffany Haddish in Alberta Ferretti

We don’t know why, but this has sort of tumbled down the list, so to speak. We loved it when we first saw it, but now we find it weirdly underwhelming, even though the dress is a real show-stopper. We love the hoops, clutch and hair. We think a gold shoe and a killer pendant might have bumped all this up for us.




Tina Fey in Versace

Like co-host Amy Poehler’s surprisingly sassy red carpet look, we were pleasantly caught off guard by Tina in patterned tights, showing a lot of leg. It’s not normally her style, but it looks fantastic.



Vanessa Kirby in Gucci

Absolutely gorgeous, but it doesn’t quite pop in a non-red carpet setting. It’s flawlessly executed and perfectly suited to her, though. She looks like an ’80s fragrance ad and that is entirely a compliment.



[Photo Credit: NBC, Courtesy of Prada, Aimée Croysdill/Instagram, Micah Schifman/Instagram, Tara Swennen/Instagram, The Real Wouri Vice/Instagram]

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