Golden Globes 2021: “I Care A Lot” Star Rosamund Pike in Molly Goddard: IN or OUT?

Posted on March 01, 2021

Kittens! It occured to us rather late in the day that the sudden explosion of celebrity high fashion from this year’s Golden Globes gives us the opportunity to do something we felt we had to put aside during lo these many months of lockdown: put a dress up to a public vote! And we can think of no frock more worthy of inspiring debate than Rosamund Pike’s head-turner:



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A post shared by Rosamund Pike (@mspike)


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A post shared by Rosamund Pike (@mspike)



After years of not quite getting here, we think we’re falling a little in love with this nutty broad.



The great thing about the dress – which is a really odd design, to be sure – is that it can mimic a more refined sort of poofy gown from a certain angle and then from other angles it becomes this big, space-taking, weirdo dress. Add a couple of combat boots and the bluntest of bobs and she looks ready to go out stomping through puddles and flipping off passersby. It’s such an exquisite fuck-you of a look and we love that she went for it, rather than trying to do the edgy femme fatale thing she defaults to.


We expect more than vigorous pushback on this because it’s a weird dress and she clearly wasn’t shooting for traditional beauty or glamour. If anything, she appears to be mocking both. Does that make you love it more or hate it more? In other words…

Rosamund Pike’s Puddle-Stomping Dress:

IN or OUT?



Style Credits:
Molly Goddard Meva Bow-embellished Hand-smocked Tulle Dress from the Fall 2020 Collection
Alexander McQueen Black Boots


[Photo Credit: Rosamund Pike/Instagram,,, NBC]

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