Cynthia Erivo and Janelle Monáe at the “Harriet” Los Angeles Premiere

Posted on October 30, 2019

Stand back. Take a moment to center yourself. Put on your shades if you have to. Because you are about to be hit with so much joyous divahood at once that you may become a little overwhelmed.

Are you ready? Then we’ll begin.


We told you! Didn’t we tell you? It’s too much.



Cynthia Erivo in Marc Jacobs

In fact, it’s the very definition of too much. And she is quickly rising in the ranks to take the crown as the Absolute Empress of Too Much. We don’t know how she’s managing the trick of not being overwhelmed by this, but we suspect it has something to with the fact that she’s had a lot of practice wearing big, loud, space-taking fashion. It’s just so full of joy. And not for nothing, but the tightly cinched waist does a lot to keep things under control, volume-wise. She can sport those big-ass shoulders and that giant skirt without looking like a pile of bathmats because there’s still a distinctly body-based silhouette in the design.




Janelle Monáe in Honayda

Speak to us, space goddess.

Look, it’s sheer and booby, two things these two queens don’t tend to get excited over. But she gets a little leeway for working these two trends because she doesn’t go to those wells often. The styling and her innate understanding of how to pose and wear high fashion help a lot. The hair and earrings look amazing and take the dress away from merely being sexy and towards something sort of sci-fi and more suited to her. And it’s that very space queen aspect of her persona that allows her to get away with spreading the cape wide like a drag queen and werqing that carpet.

One more interesting thing of note: there’s always been an unstated but largely understood tradition of actresses in important history-based biopics coming out just as the awards track heats up wearing tasteful and elegant high fashion as they promote themselves and their project.


Clearly, that shit ain’t happening with these two.









Style Credits:
Cynthia Erivo: Marc Jacobs Gown from the Spring 2020 Collection | Tiffany & Co. Jewelry
Styled by Jason Bolden | Hair by Coree Moreno | Makeup by Terrell Mullin

Janelle Monáe: Honayda Black Sheer Embellished Dress from the Fall 2019 Collection | Goshwara Moon Quartz Tassel Earrings
Styled by Alexandra Mandelkorn | Hair by Nikki Nelms | Makeup by Jessica Smalls

[Photo Credit: Media Punch/, Gerardo Somoza/ – Video Credit: Focus Features via]

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