Emmys 2019 Purple Carpet Report: Gwendoline Christie Seized The Day

Posted on September 23, 2019

Miss Gwendoline is walking this carpet a nominee and she has no intention of allowing you to forget that fact.


That is a WOW moment if ever we saw one. So many thoughts swirl at the moment. First among them: We’re old enough to remember when every ladystar under 75 was expected to default to a princess gown with distinctly demure undertones if she wanted to pick up an award for herself. We can’t tell you how thrilled we are to see that rigid standard morph in 2019 to the Roman Empress look. She doesn’t look like a grateful nominee. She looks like she’s here to sentence some heretics to the lion pit. We love not only that she went there, but that she leaned into the look with the styling, from the stylized waves of her hair to the huge gold earrings with the primitive design to the gold sandals. She got her Caesar on and she pulled it off magnificently. We’re glad she skipped the cliche of wearing some sort of gold headband, but if we had one suggestion to make, we’d have urged her to sport at least one massive ring on each hand.

It should be noted that Gwendoline’s producers/agents/various other no-doubt men she was expected to rely on didn’t submit her for an Emmy consideration this year. She was proud of her work and secure enough to not care whether other people in her life thought so and she wound up taking the slightly unusual step of submitting herself for consideration. It was a move that spoke of boldness and confidence and she got a lot of great press out of it once it paid off with a nomination. Given that background – and her own preference for bold, space-taking, totally non-demure fashion – how could she show up in anything else? This is literally the boldest and most confident look we’ve ever seen from an actress nominee at an awards show. This isn’t “It’s an honor to be here.” This is “You’re damn right I’m here. I’m EXCELLENT and I DESERVE THIS. Bring me a grape.”



Style Credits:
Gucci Head-to-toe Ensemble from the Resort 2020 Collection

[Photo Credit: Sara De Boer/Startraksphoto.com, FOX, gucci.com]

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