Rachel Brosnahan Talks Mrs. Maisel, Mental Health & More for Health Magazine

Posted on November 11, 2021

The marvelous Ms. Rachel Brosnahan graces the cover of Health’s December issue. Here, the beloved star of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” opens up about her career and new ventures, setting boundaries and slowing down, and giving back to others through organizations like Covenant House.




  • On being Mrs. Maisel and loving it four seasons in: “This job has been one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever been given. It sounds corny, but I mean it. It’s been fun to watch people continue to develop these characters over time. I am excited by the fact that I’m still terrified. Every time I get a new script, every time I show up on set, I’m petrified. And that’s a rare gift four seasons into something.”
  • On caring for her health on her own terms: “I always envy in magazines like Health when I read about people who get up every morning and work out. I’m shouting from the rooftops that I have found that impossible. I have never been able to have a set routine. Once I realized that it was OK that my physical health journey wouldn’t look like other people’s, it became about finding ways to do what I can, when I can. I travel a lot for work and my hours are super inconsistent. I use an app that lets you drop in on various classes wherever you are. I was recently [filming] in New Mexico and started taking Pilates, which I love. I’ve noticed a big difference in my posture and core strength.”
  • On setting boundaries: “I’m probably most proud of becoming better at saying no and creating boundaries around my personal time. Being an actor, there’s recognition that I’m so lucky to be here, and that every job could be the last. And I think sometimes that leads to this mentality that you have to say yes to everything as it comes up. But that’s a fast recipe for burning out. So, I’ve become better at protecting my personal time and my physical and mental health. There was a period where I missed so many important life events. I missed a lot of weddings. I missed my own college graduation for my job. I was hustling, pounding the pavement. And I don’t regret it, but as I move forward, it’s important to protect those personal things. I’m proud that I continue to get better at that as I get older.”
  • On raising awareness about homeless youth: “They are just like us. Young people who are overcoming homelessness at Covenant House are our future doctors, teachers, lawyers, and mothers and fathers. They are our brothers and sisters. They are somebody’s children. And they have hopes, dreams, goals, fears, triumphs, and low points—just like everybody else. And they are extraordinary. They are so resilient and courageous, and they have the ability to take the experiences that they have had and enrich our world so greatly. They just need an opportunity.”



The December issue of Health magazine is available for purchase on November 12th.


[Photo Credit: Tyler Twins/Health Magazine]

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