SAG Awards 2021: Dan Levy in The Row and Dries Van Noten

Posted on April 06, 2021


We’re loving this new trend of celebrities picking two ensembles to wear at home for an awards show. We suppose we could think of one of them as the after-party look for the after-party that never happened. Whatever the reason, we once again thank the stars and their stylists for these fashion content blessings.

We noted during Dan’s last few awards show victory laps for Schitt’s Creek that he appeared to be making a conscious effort to move away from David Rose’s distinctive style, which probably isn’t an easy thing for him since David Rose’s style and Dan Levy’s style were largely indistinguishable before now. But as we can see with these two looks, he’s stripping away the blacks and the cropped pants and the boots for something a little softer and a little fresher (although we still love David Rose’s style).



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The slouchy ’90s-style suit cut is coming back, which is one trend we’re going to pass by completely. While we can’t say we love the cut here, we appreciate that he’s trying to show a different sort of silhouette from his previous reliance on cropped pants and oversized tops to define his look. This feels very grown up and sort of gently chic. The cravat is a weensy bit pretench, but the brooch is a great touch and we love the sock/shoe combo.





Millennial Mr. Rogers. Of course we mean that as a compliment.

Love the color story and again, that soft, slouchy style he’s going for right now. It’s a nice swerve away from the more severe silhouettes and styles he’s favored, but we hope this is something like an interim style rather than a long-term preference. He looks cute in these Charlie Chaplin pants and slightly goofy shoes, but we wouldn’t want to see this style all the time from him. Fabulous sweater, though.



Style Credits:
First Look: The Row Ensemble | Cartier Jewelry
Second Look: Dries Van Noten Bordeaux Embroidered Shirt, Sand Shirt, and Bordeaux Pant from the Fall 2021 Menswear Collection

Styled by Erica Cloud | Grooming by Miles Jeffries


[Photo Credit: Matt Martin via Erica Cloud/Instagram, Courtesy of Dries Van Noten]

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