Golden Globes 2021 “Red Carpet” Showdown: Anya Taylor-Joy vs. Elle Fanning

Posted on March 04, 2021

That’s right, kittens! Our long-missed (by some, we suppose) red carpet showdown posts are back! For this week only, probably! When life hands us a whole bunch of high-end gowns, we make content out of it and with the tragically unwatched, possible last Golden Globes ever, we got an unexpected bounty of high glam in the Hollywood style and some amazing fashionable looks. When it came time for each of us to declare our faves, we wound up with a BATTLE ROYALE OF HOLLYWOOD BLONDES!



Tom’s pick: Anya Taylor-Joy in Dior Couture

T’s Defense: I’m a little out of practice here, because the only thing I want to say in its defense is “ARE YOU LOOKING AT THESE SHOTS?” I think what I love most about this look – aside from it being drop-dead stunning – is how it feels like it’s classic-inspired, but doesn’t really owe that much to any particular era. It feels modern because it’s so bold and because it achieves high formality without being entirely beholden to any one style or era, while simultaneously having a classic air to it. It’s not just gorgeous, it’s interesting. And that last quality may be the most important.



Lorenzo’s pick: Elle Fanning in Gucci

Lo’s Defense: I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS LOOK. I think it’s because I love to see anyone really come into their own as they mature. She’s always been good at high fashion and this isn’t the first time she went for a more grownup sort of glamour, but something about this look feels like a big leap forward to me. It’s almost like she’s signaling that she wants to get past ingenue roles. The look owes a lot to classic Hollywood, evoking Grace Kelly (with a little bit of Jean Harlowe in the dress). The color looks amazing on her and I ADORE the jewel embellishments. Easily one of her all-time bests. 

There you have it, kittens! Two queens! And their opinions on the dresses these two actresses wore! Now it’s up to you to reach deep inside yourself, come to a decision, make your vote, and then go argue about it in the comments section. Ready?



Golden Globes 2021 Showdown: Anya Taylor-Joy vs. Elle Fanning

Anya Taylor-Joy in Dior Couture
Elle Fanning in Gucci

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Style Credits:
Anya Taylor-Joy: Custom Christian Dior Green Lurex Draped Couture Dress with Matching Belt and Evening Coat | Tiffany & Co. Jewelry
Styled by Law Roach | Hair by Gregory Russell | Makeup by Georgie Eisdell | Nails by Kim Truong

Elle Fanning: Gucci Satin Draped Gown with Embroidered Crystal Brooches | Fred Leighton c.1915 Marquise Diamond and Platinum Filigree Ring, c.1915 Natural Pearl and Diamond Bracelet, 1920’s Diamond Bracelet, and 1920’s Diamond and Platinum Pinkie Ring
Styled by Samantha McMillen | Makeup by Erin Ayanian Monroe


[Photo Credit: Gareth Gatrell, Gucci/Instagram, Elle Fanning/Instagram, Sam Drasin/Courtesy of Dior, Law Roach/Instagram, Tiffany & Co./Instagram]

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