Kristen Stewart at the Chanel Fashion Show

Posted on October 07, 2020

Sorry, Lily-Rose Depp. You may have to wait a little longer before you can claim your Princess Chanel title. It turns out?



Kristen’s still got some use for it. As we said yesterday, Karl Lagerfeld knew what he had in her: someone who could make the fusty old house look rock-and-roll fresh in a way that doesn’t seem contrived. We would quibble with the anklet socks as a choice – and question the footwear, for that matter – but we have to say, she really does make a look like this work for her in a way that feels completely natural to her and to the brand itself. If we peer too closely at the details of that jacket, we start to like it less and less, but when we pull out and look at the entire ensemble in context, it looks great. Personality is a huge part of being really stylish and able to pull off the weird or impossible. And we do count this as a nearly impossible look for most; the kind of look that’s K Stew-specific.




Style Credits:
Chanel Ensemble from the Fall 2020 Collection

Styled by Tara Swennen | Hair by Bridget Brager | Makeup by Jillian Dempsey


[Photo Credit: Courtesy of Chanel,]

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