Kelly Rowland Breaks Pregnancy News on November Cover of Women’s Health

Posted on October 07, 2020

Singer Kelly Rowland covers the November issue of Women’s Health, on-stands October 20, with a big surprise for fans! The 39-year-old singer has kept it under wraps – but she’s expecting her second child before the year’s end. Here, photographed in early September, she talks about maintaining a selfcare routine among the chaos of 2020 and breathing in her blessings daily.




On being pregnant with her second child: “We had been talking about it loosely, and then COVID happened, and we were just like, ‘Let’s see what happens.’…I was thinking, Oh my god, my fans are gonna be so disappointed.…They wanted an album first, but they got a baby! And I was like, ‘I have to figure this out so they get both.’”

On being hesitant to announce her pregnancy during the chaos of 2020: “You still want to remind people that life is important. And being able to have a child…I’m knocking at 40’s door in February. Taking care of myself means a lot to me.”

On the snack she craves mid-way through her 90-minute exercise sessions: “I am obsessed with sandwiches. A turkey sandwich with mustard and rye and sprouts and onion and sometimes a little avocado…”

On how she keeps her diet in-check, including no meals after 7pm and opting for healthy snacks in the recording studio: “I don’t really count calories,” though she admits she’s strict in other ways. “Trust me, there are some days when it’s hard to look at seeds and nuts and fruit when everybody’s got french fries and burgers and Roscoe’s chicken and waffles at midnight.”

On grieving over the death of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor: “I’d just put Titan [her 6-year-old son] to bed. I got into the shower, and I had this real hard, ugly, deep cry. Because I promised to protect my kid. That was the main thing I was thinking about: protecting
this little innocence.”

On cutting back on TV news and social media: “The scroll factor is dangerous, you really wanna protect your gates.”

On using music to reflect on poignant personal experiences – including a recent reunion with her biological father she hadn’t seen in 30 years: “I’m learning so much about myself, and the things that I missed. You say, ‘I’m fine, I’m fine’—and yeah, I’m fine—but there are things I would have liked to have experienced from a father. I like to touch on everything. I want it to feel very organic, coming from me.”


[Photo Credit: Djeneba Aduayom for Women’s Health Magazine]

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