Meghan Markle Addresses “Black Lives Matter” in a Graduation Message to Her High School

Posted on June 04, 2020

We reiterate (because it bears repeating):






You really screwed things up when you let this one run out the door, Windsor-Mountbatten fam. As always, because the internet forces everyone to think in binary terms, we will state that we have no issue with the Cambridges and the work that they do (even if we did find that Tatler blowup hilarious). To compliment a Sussex isn’t to automatically denigrate a Cambridge and we loathe the attempt to turn even the most frivolous observations into some sort of partisan argument. But there’s no denying the British monarchy becomes less relevant with each passing second and every reason to believe that the only thing holding it together is the monarch herself. The future of the institution is far from clear and we have serious doubts that Charles or William will be able to hold onto it. We’re not saying Meghan would have saved the day if only she’d been allowed to; just that she and Harry represent a modernity and diversity that the institution desperately needs. She is literally the only member of the family qualified to speak on matters of race and bigotry from personal experience. In the 21st Century, that’s going to be a skillset the W-M fam will find themselves wishing they possessed more and more.

No fashion discussion to be had here and that’s entirely by Meghan’s design. She Leia’d it up to keep it so simple as to be unworthy of comment.


[Still: scobie/Twitter]

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