Pop Style Opinionfest: Princess Kate’s Bombshell, PALM ROYALE, and 3 BODY PROBLEM

Posted on March 22, 2024


Well, this was certainly a first for us. Minutes after we switched off our mics and prepared to upload this podcast, the Princess of Wales did a little uploading of her own.



We might have let Kate’s sad news go until we had time to think about it, but the problem was, we’d spent a good ten or 15 minutes of the podcast railing against all of the conspiracy theories and how out of control it had all gotten. We looked at each other after we watched the video and said in creepy married-couple unison “We need to re-record the beginning.”

So the editing on this week’s ep is probably a little choppy and it might wind up inserting ads in the middle of things, but we unpack all of our initial thoughts on the announcement, how Kensington Palace bungled this, and all of the ways the public needs to reckon with the bouts of hysteria that erupted around it.

Oh, and we manage to also get into a spirited discussion about Apple TV +’s Palm Royale, which we reviewed here, and Netflix’s 3 Body Problem.



So thank you for your patience. We really hope everyone who is about to jump into the conversation below will at least download the episode or listen to it before commenting. It’s not a lot to ask and we’d appreciate it.


[Photo Credit:  Kensington Palace]

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