Adele Picked the Best Birthday Dress

Posted on May 06, 2020


As we noted yesterday with Hailee Steinfeld’s admirable efforts, we’ll take any celebrity stepping out in front of a camera in a dress right now. It just so happens that Adele did so while also unveiling a new look that had social media all abuzz this morning.



And look, if she’s healthy and happy, then good for her. But we’re more about the fashion ’round these parts and we have to say, that dress is extremely well-chosen for the moment. It tells the world that she’s made some changes in herself but it offers up some volume and shape to it that doesn’t make the look all about being body-con. Those sleeves are fabulous. This is how you do social-distancing promo work. Pick an outfit that’s not too hard to style and that looks good from ten feet away, and then strike a pose against the best backdrop you can find. Attagirl.



Style Credits:
Elzinga Balloon-sleeve Silk-organza Mini Dress from the Fall 2019 Collection


[Photo Credit: Adele/Instagram,]

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