Cathy Cambridge in Hobbs and Zara at the RNLI Mumbles Lifeboat Station

Posted on February 04, 2020

Cathy’s out here doing the work of winning hearts and minds and for once, she’s getting a bit cheekily literal about it in her style.



It’s no surprise to see her in a naval-inspired coat here. She has a preference for lightly military-esque outerwear in any case, but she’s known to lean into the look when she’s making an appearance where the style feels appropriate. The heart scarf is a cute little pop of the unexpected; little shot of Valentine’s Day-adjacent style from a Duchess who seems to be getting a bit more comfortable with looks that feel more curated and thoughtfully deployed rather than simply sticking rigidly to one color, one style, one dress all the time. The low-heeled boots are another welcome change of pace. It’s a cute look with more personality than she normally allows.

Also worth noting: She and hubs don’t dress to match anymore. Not worth reading anything into that except a possible loosening up of their image.


Style Credits:
HobbsBianca‘ Navy Coat
Zara Dress
BeulahShibani‘ Heart Print Scarf
Mulberry Bag


[Photo Credit: Doug Peters/Pa Images/,,]

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