Style File: Cathy Cambridge, Doing it for the Children

Posted on January 22, 2020

Duchess Cathy is having herself a very busy week! And in modern royal fashion, she and her Kensington Palace team are taking control of the P.R. and the imagery, keeping the first appearance entirely under wraps and press-free. The KP Royal social media accounts released these shots yesterday, surprising everyone:






Cathy Cambridge Visits MiniBrum at Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum



For Cathy-watchers, the surprise was less in the secret visit and more in the surprisingly vibrant, colorful and busy print she sported for it. It’s a fabulous top and she looks great in it. The entire look perfectly straddled that line between press-ready and spending the day with kids. We’ve said it before: she’s way more stylish in sporty or more casual clothes.



Cathy Cambridge Visits Ely and Caerau Childrens Centre



A leopard print skirt, Duchess Cathy! How saucy! Seriously, she looks great. Why she avoids print as much as she does eludes us, because she so clearly has an affinity for choosing and wearing them. This outfit is pretty much flawless. A black turtleneck, pleated print skirt, black boots and camel coat. We rarely say this sort of thing – almost never, because we mostly don’t believe in the concept of pre-fab ensembles as a way of promoting good style – but any lady in a chilly climate who’s looking for some guidance on how to spruce up her style could do worse than make sure she immediately has these options waiting in her closet. This might sound bitchy, but we don’t mean it that way: this is Duchess Barbie drag. And by that we mean it’s such a perfectly put-together look (down to the pendant) that it’s almost fashion doll-like in its essentialness.

We know it’s her trademark and it’s certainly worth bragging about, but we’re coming around on the idea that a hair rethink should be coming up soon. We get that she looks to Granny Betty for image guidance, but that doesn’t mean she has to follow her lead on sporting the same hairstyle for 50 years.



Style Credits:
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[Photo and Video Credit: Kensington Palace via Twitter,,]

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