SAG Awards: Millie Bobby Brown in Louis Vuitton

Posted on January 22, 2020

We laughed uproariously when we saw these shots of Miss Milly. Not at her or at the ensemble, but at us and whether we really wanted to get into it once again on the matter of her style precociousness, which tends to get us in trouble. Believe it or not, Miss Thing is STILL fifteen years old (for another few weeks) and it feels like her teenagerhood has been going on for over a decade. That feeling is largely fueled by her (and more importantly her team, which includes her parents) predilection for wearing high-fashion lewks that feel way more suitable for women decades older than her. She’s been dressed like a 35-year-old Vogue editor for the last couple of years.


This is why we laughed: It’s such a great look – and that’s coming from two queens who hate dress-pant hybrids and tend to wrinkle their noses at all-white ensembles. It still feels way too mature for a 15-year-old (in fact, it reeks of “second wedding”), but whatever. She’s said her parents help choose her promotional wear for her and she is very clearly a girl who loves high fashion. There are far worse fates for child stars than to miss out on dressing like their peers and we’ve never gotten the impression she’s being forced into things she hates. We just think she’s being briskly walked away from more peer-appropriate styles because she’s being positioned as a Serious Actress at a very early age.



Style Credits:
Louis Vuitton Silk Taffeta Coat Dress and Pants
Cartier Jewelry

Styled by Thomas Carter Phillips | Hair by Bridget Brager| Makeup by Kelsey Deenihan


[Photo Credit: Hahn Lionel/ABACA/, Sara De Boer/, Media Punch/, David Gabber/]

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