Style File: Katy Perry, Respectable Lady

Posted on May 03, 2019

Miss Katy’s been out there this week, serving her best Respectable Lady drag to the public. We have to accept that she’s not returning to the cartoon couture that made her famous and if we’re being honest, we don’t really want her to. If we’re being even more honest, we don’t think there’s really anything too wrong with these looks. You’ll be treated to a parade of nit-pickery going forward. But it all comes down to the idea that, while these looks are technically okay, they don’t feel like they’re playing to her strengths. We don’t know what Katy’s style is “supposed” to be. We just know that it never feels quite right for her.




Really, we’re just gonna bitch about her earrings and her shoes here. The former match the dress too much and the latter are just kind of ugly. But the dress is pretty great, we have to admit. We think she’s stripped a lot of the playfulness out of her fashion and we think that’s the main thing we’re reacting to when we wrinkle our noses at it. She looks good here. But she also looks like she’s the newest hostess of The View. It’s very mainstream.


Even when she dresses fun – and this is definitely bright and fun in tone – it comes off a little … matronly? Basic? Somehow the styling never pulls it together. A bold, bright, neon floral jumpsuit calls for shoes that don’t look quite so sensible – unless we’re talking sneakers – and a bag more appropriate for a Lady Who Lunches.



Great shoes, great color, dumb bag, weird dress. The cold shoulder, too-long sleeves, and weirdly enthickening middle don’t work for her at all.




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Styled by Jamie Mizrahi

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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