Pop Style Opinionfest: T Lo’s TeeVee Week

Posted on May 03, 2019

Kittens, we’re in a bit of rush to get some book-related things completed by COB today, so we’re gonna be real quick about this one. It’s TEEVEE TAWK! We sat down and talked our way through a whole bunch of TV shows today. Lorenzo gave you the lowdown on two of his new Netflix faves, Special and Dead to Me:










Then, we just had to dive back into the Game of Thrones waters, even after posting a 1200-word review on Monday. The backlash to “The Longest Night” needed addressing, as far as we’re concerned. We run down the major complaints and offer explanations as to why some of them are valid, but most of them ignore what this story has always been about. In years to come, this episode will be seen as a classic.




And of course it wouldn’t be Friday ’round these parts if we didn’t have even more to say about Drag Race and Project Runway. Thanks for listening!


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