Miss Universe National Costumes 2018 Part 4: Folk Costumes and Flag-Bearers.

Posted on December 18, 2018

After the expected massive swarm of bird and flower women, the supernova of attention-seeking that the superheroines and goddesses display, and the impressive core strength of the walking backdrops –  but before we get to the playing-it-safe gals who come off kind of sad and half-assed, there are those poor dears whose national pride, if not their own mothers, demanded that they get on out there in something last worn on a day-to-day basis by her people in 1850 or so. In a similar vein are those gals whose national pride exerted itself in stunning displays of tackiness. Ladies, show us what you got.



Miss Greece

“My grandmother made this!”



Miss Bulgaria

“My grandmother wore this!”



Miss Croatia

“My gay cousin made this AND wore this!”



Miss Lebanon

“A person who is CLEARLY NOT WELL made this!”



Miss Turkey

“Okay, yes. It’s my aunt’s, but she cosplays at Game of Thrones cons.”



Miss Kosovo

“My mother picked it out but we compromised. I’ll wear the sacred hair coral, even though I think it’s stupid, but I get to leave my top open and do a little contouring. Hey. A girl’s looking for a little action and she’s stuck in upholstery.”



Miss Korea

“Sucks to be you, bitches! My look is sickening and my wig is un-fucking-snatchable. ”



Miss Angola

“Me: single, gorgeous and feeling it. You: A non-smoker.”



Miss Armenia




Miss Sweden

“Sweden! Land of tiny flags and stupid crowns!”



Miss Netherlands

“Girl, I would take your stupid little crown ANY DAY OF THE WEEK.”



Miss British Virgin Islands

“Come to the BVI! Our hats are seafood and our skirts are basically ass-flags! You won’t get that kind of crazy anywhere else!”



Miss Singapore

“Fuck that nonsense! Here in Singapore, not only are our national-pride skirts massive and a combination of political propaganda and a postcard rack, but we top that mother off with a crown, wings and the illusion that my boobs are hanging out! Singapore! We don’t half-ass things!”



Miss Mongolia

“I’m supposed to stand here and explain the significance of the various images and cultural references, but I’ve gotta say, I am WAY too distracted by how incredibly fierce I’m looking right now. You guys feel me on this, right? I’m fucking amazing up here.



Miss Kyrgyzstan

“Girl, please. You have an elephant on your damn head. Come to Kyrgyzstan! Our head gear may be awkward, but at least it’s not stupid!”



Miss Norway

“At this point, I would take an elephant crown over dressing like a 1982 Cabbage Patch Kid ANY DAY OF THE WEEK.”



And Last but also Least: The Showgirls and Supermodels, aka The Basics

[Photo Credit: Patrick Prather/Miss Universe]

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