Miss Universe National Costumes 2018 Part 2: Superheroes, Warriors and Goddesses

Posted on December 17, 2018

Darlings, we’ve already checked in on the flower ladies and bird women of the Miss Universe pageant, but now it’s time to give the spotlight to those gals who went all in on power fantasies, pop culture and religious iconography – and some of them managed all three at once! It’s the superhero team the world has been waiting for. Glittervengers, assemble!



Miss Japan

“Because there was no fucking way anyone was putting me in a Geisha costume!”



Miss Hungary

“Princess Foundatia from the magical island of Lingeriescya at your service! Evil-doers beware!”



Miss Ghana

“Ghana Woman is here. Ghana Woman’s very presence and highly intimidating look is all the statement Ghana Woman needs to make.”



Miss France

Vive La France! Vive la vie sportive! Vive my frigging abs routine because you’re all gonna look at the results and like it!”



Miss Finland




Miss Zambia

“Make way for XENA ZAMBIA, world! I’ve got a spear, a shield made out of dead things, and killer gold accessories! You better run, evil types!”



Miss Mauritius

“I’m CAPTAIN MAURITIUS, everyone! My fearsome powers are —

Fine. It’s an old drum majorette’s costume. Sue me. This whole thing is lame as fu–”



Miss Malaysia

“MADAME MALAYSIA is here without excuses or explanations, because MADAME MALAYSIA is feared and adored the world over thanks to the ancient DRAGON YOKE OF POWER.”



Miss Ireland

“Beware the power of TRAVELLER QUEEN! The power of tackiness and attention-seeking!”



Miss Albania

“Thigh-High Lass is here! My powers? Uh… I can wear a latex boot without muffin-topping it! Find me a bitch here who can do THAT.”



Miss Egypt

“Okay, well. Some of you gals are taking this shit way too seriously, but uh… Behold! I am here to fight evil or something! And my name is …


Pharaohshia? Fuck, I don’t know. I picked this up last Halloween in a CVS.”



Miss US Virgin Islands

“Get the fuck outta my way, Elizabeth I, because the true VIRGIN QUEEN is here to kick ass and take names!”



Miss Venezuela

“It is I, Butterfly-Snake Woman. I’m really more of a supervillain, but don’t tell these boring girl scouts just yet. I’m hoping to poison most of them later.”



Miss China

“LADY CONFUSIA dazzles her enemies with lights, colors, and philosophical puzzles about ethics!”



Miss Nepal

All of these unseemly costumes and power fantasies amongst my beauty-queen sisters. Where is the goddess worship of yesteryear? Is this not impressive as fuck?”



Miss Laos

“Bitch, don’t EVEN. So you brought some extra arms. Hooray for you.”



Part Three: The Back-Breakers!

[Photo Credit: Patrick Prather/Miss Universe]

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