Margot Robbie Goes a Little Disco in Saint Laurent at the Gotham Independent Film Awards: IN or OUT?

Posted on November 28, 2017

Kittens, those Miss Universe posts are kicking our asses, so we’re gonna hand the opinonating for this one over to you.But first, we’ll spew our own opinions, just to prime the pump, so to speak.

Goodness, our metaphors sound so sexual lately! Or maybe we’re just vibing off the sexytimes feel of this look:

It’s got that Studio 54 ready, easy-access, one-tug-and-it-falls-to-the-floor sexiness to it. And she, we would normally think, has just the right looks and attitude to pull this kind of ensemble off. But it’s not really working, is it? The shoulder thing seems too bulky and the skirt seems a little unresolved somehow. Plus the comically small bag and the nearly naked sandals do little to help the dress out. The real tell that this is not coming together? The JBF hair and strong lip are exactly right for the look and yet they do nothing but just sort of sit there.

But like we said, we’re way too tired to offer our own opinions on the matter, darlings. You do it. Go on, now. Don’t be shy.

Margot Robbie’s Do-The-Hustle Dress:

IN or OUT? 

We’re ready to be sold on this one, darlings. Sell it.




Style Credits:
Saint Laurent Black One-Shoulder Sequin Dress
Sidney Garber Fine Jewelry

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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