In or Out: Kate Winslet in Victoria Beckham

Posted on June 22, 2011

After a night up with our colicky baby (i.e., our facacta servers went down) we are AWAKE, darlings! Bright-eyed! Bushy-tailed! Running on fumes! But the beautiful thing about bitchery is, it actually gets easier when you’re really tired.

Kate Winslet attends “Yo Dona” International Awards 2001 in Madrid in a Victoria Beckham gown.

Victoria Beckham Fall 2009 Collection/Model: Shaila Gonzaga

The funny thing about Vicki Beckham’s designs is whenever anyone puts one on, they turn into Vicki Beckham, right down to the severe hair and lemon-sucking facial expressions. We suspect her fashion business is a front and she’s really amassing an army of Vickis to take over the globe some day. But not today. So lets rips this look.

Well, not much to rip, really. We like the dress and the array of bottle openers thoughtfully installed on her stomach. It’s the look as a whole that leaves us less-than thrilled. Sure, she looks gorgeous, but she also looks a bit like a vampire. We imagine that one would almost be required to wear one’s hair up or back with this dress but she didn’t have to go all zombie queen on the makeup. We can’t really nitpick this one; we just aren’t crazy about the overall look. We always say that Kate Winslet goes out looking like anyone but Kate Winslet, but this is her look now; this slightly severe, highly polished veneer. We can accept it, but that doesn’t mean we like it.


IN! Polished to pristine perfection!

OUT! Don’t let the scary lady get me!

The Minion Opinion on Hailee Steinfeld’s “biker chicklet” look was a resounding IN.

[Photo Credit:, Getty]

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