Pairs Division: Watts and Schreiber

Posted on June 22, 2011

Naomi Watts and beefy hunka burning love Liev Schrieber attended the 2011 Shakespeare In The Park Gala in New York City in their summer finest. Let’s assess.

PinPinMarc Jacobs Spring 2011 Collection/Model: Angie Schmidt



SHE: Is wearing someone else’s dress. This is not your dress, honey. Whether due to her shape, her coloring, or just her ability to WERQ it, this dress goes flat on her. All the life you see in the garment on the model is nowhere to be found when it’s on Naomi. It’s a great dress, but on Naomi it looks like a knockoff of a much better dress. Not her fault, but a gay in her sphere should have uttered those words gently: “Honeybear, this is some other girl’s dress. Set it free.” Still, she could have worked with this a little. It wouldn’t have magically made the dress suit her, but a little effort in the hair and makeup would have helped. Sure, it’s obviously not a formal event, and at first glance, we like the “garden party” vibe of the two outfits, but north of her neck, she’s looking a bit depressed. Score: 5/10. It’s just not your dress, sweetie.

HE: Is doing all right here. The hem on the pants is very painful to us, but everything else works just fine. We like the simple black tie and the suede bucks. Like we said, this isn’t a formal event, so the sloppy collar and tie is okay by us. If this was a movie premiere or an awards ceremony, we might have wagged our fingers over that, but it’s fine. Score: 7/10. Honestly, there’s very little wrong here, but that’s at least partially due to the fact that he’s wearing something that’s fairly difficult to get wrong. He might have warranted a higher score if he’d pulled off something a little trickier.

Combined score: 6/10. Seems about right to us.

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