Pop Style Opinionfest: SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE, The Return of Samantha Jones & Ursula Gets Undragged

Posted on June 02, 2023


Happy Pride month, darlings! To mark the occasion, we expressed some very gay opinions on some very queer topics this week. For one, we give you every reason we can think of as to why you should absolutely binge every episode of HBO’s Somebody Somewhere this weekend.




It’s queer-positive, gentle, incisive, humane and very funny television. But before we get into that, we simply had to unload all of our thoughts regarding the news that Kim Catrall is returning to the Sex and the City universe in her iconic role as Samantha Jones, for the season finale of And Just Like That. We talk about why she resisted the idea for so long, outline the particulars of her public feud with her former cast-mates, and offer a particularly juicy theory as to why she came back (aside from the presumed truckload of money, that is).


All of that PLUS we get into a whole thing about Melissa McCarthy’s terrible Ursula makeup in The Little Mermaid and why the online blowback was more right than wrong with their criticisms of it, as well as the conventional wisdom that the job should’ve gone to a queer makeup artist. Opinions galore, darlings! Opinions to spare! After all, it is an opinionfest, is it not?



[Photo Credit: Courtesy of Disney, Suzan Moore/PA Images/INSTARimages.com/Cover Images, Sandy Morris/HBO – Video Credit: HBO/YouTube]

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