Critics Choice Awards 2023: Untux’d Men

Posted on January 16, 2023

But not men untucked, if you get our drift. We’ll cop to the fact right now that the title of this post is a lie, because technically, one or two of the looks here are tuxes (by virtue of the satin lapels, which is how you define them most of the time), but we wanted to once again single out those men who hit an awards show red carpet challenging the conventions of traditional men’s formalwear. Gentlemen, we salute you. And judge you, of course. Always that.


Andrew Garfield in Zegna

Such is this man’s swag that he can work a head-to-toe color that we’re pretty sure we loathe and we have to begrudgingly admit that it’s (mostly) working for him. It is a skosh too close to skin-colored for our tastes, and we don’t think she sock situation works with it, but still. Somehow…

Billy Eichner in Berluti

This is gorgeous on him. It’s a shame the pants are a little too long.


Brian Tyree Henry

Pink suits on celebrity men aren’t new anymore, but we still love how great this looks on him. Does the boutonniere make it look a little prom? Perhaps, but we just can’t get too bitchy about men sporting flowers on a red carpet.


Henry Golding

That tux is beautiful. That color looks amazing on him. The sleeves are just a little short and we don’t think a turtleneck is the best choice for a velvet tux, but he looks pretty fantastic.


Jay Ellis in Louis Vuitton

See, now that’s a suit that works with a turtleneck. It’s all finely made and looks great on him, but this outfit is all about the brooch and those shoes.


Jeremy Allen White in Giorgio Armani

We feel like we have to make room for the brown tuxedo; a development we did not wish for, but which seems to be gaining in popularity of late. This looks really good on him, but we can’t entirely shake the “valet” impression. If you embroidered some Vegas casino name on the jacket in gold thread… we’re just saying.


Ke Huy Quan in Giorgio Armani

Wonderful. It was time for him to start branching out from the (beautifully worn, it has to be said) classic tuxedos he’s worn all year and we can’t think of a better way for him to do it. The color and the texture are what make the look so chic on him.

Matt Smith

He seems to be going through his Sloppy Chic phase, but this is the first time we think it’s actually worked for him. We can’t say we love the pants and shoes, but his hair looks great.


Paul Dano in Dolce & Gabbana

It’s giving Luther Vandross, which might normally be a questionable choice for a white man, but he really does have a knack for flamboyant fashion and we love that he indulges it.


Sebastian Stan in Givenchy

We get it. He works it beautifully and he looks hot as hell. But no, we don’t like it. Like Matt Smith’s Sloppy Chic look, we have a hard time with the pant/shoe situation.


Seth Rogen in Zegna

Gotta say, he’s one of those men who looks born to wear a brown tux. He looks amazing.


Tyler James Williams in AP Milan

Nothing but respect for the one man here who got the color, the casual and the formal in tension with each other, the flamboyance AND the footwear correct. Love the enormo-lapels, the minimalist brooch, the jewelry and especially the shoes.


[Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Critics Choice Association, Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Critics Choice Association]

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