Golden Globes 2023: Gentlemen With Swag

Posted on January 11, 2023

And now, a salute to those male stars who took their style a little bit further for the Golden Globes. These are the dudes who took one look at a standard black tuxedo and said “Not for me.” Attaboys.


Andrew Garfield in Zegna

That color looks gorgeous on him, but we don’t know that a black shirt was the right way to go here. That undone tie hanging out the bottom looks a little silly to us.


Barry Keoghan in Louis Vuitton

We’re torn on this one. Lorenzo adores it, but Tom thinks the jacket is too short and the shoes are all wrong for it. The color looks amazing on him and we both love that fun twist on a bow tie.


Billy Porter in Christian Siriano

It seems silly to look at such exuberance and fabulosity merely to say “Seen it,” but this really is a retread of the black velvet Siriano tuxedo gown he wore to the 2019 Oscars. Nothing wrong with returning to such an iconic and game-changing look. Given his comments to stars like Harry Styles this year, we tend to think he’s reclaiming his title as the man who brought formal gowns to the red carpet.


Chris Perfetti

He couldn’t be better suited for this zoot suit/prom date hybrid look. We love it, but he probably should’ve kept the jacket buttoned since he can’t seem to hide his pants zipper. We also think a more substantial shoe would have worked better with those wide-legged pants.


Colman Domingo in Dolce & Gabbana

This looks great, but it really came alive on stage. The harsher red carpet lighting isn’t giving you that same sparkle effect.


Diego Calva in Gucci

It’s a shame the tie is so askew, because the rest of the look is pretty damn perfect. That color looks amazing on him. Oscar Isaac wore that same shade on the red carpet this week and we’d love to it become a trend.


Donald Glover in Saint Laurent

We think he could’ve styled this loungewear ensemble it to look a little more red carpet-ready, but just throwing a tuxedo jacket over it isn’t doing it.


Eddie Murphy

We are never going to get behind the idea of wearing a tuxedo without a tie. It’s a shame, because the dark blue shirt is a nice touch and we’d have liked to have seen the look finished off correctly. That’s an awfully boxy fit on the jacket, though.


Eddie Redmayne in Valentino

It was a big night for prom corsages on the men, it seems. This outfit is trying to do way too much. The rosette is nice enough, but it’s way too big. The pants are too long and the sheer shirt does nothing for the look.


F. Murray Abraham

That’s a great jacket. We think a white shirt would’ve set it off better.


Gabriel LaBelle in Dolce & Gabbana

This is a great color for him. There’s something unfortunate happening around the crotch area, though.


Henry Golding in Giorgio Armani

It’s the most conventional look on this list, but we really like the shawl collar and the velvet jacket on him. He looks fantastic in conventional formalwear, but we like it better when he pushes things a little.


Jeremy Pope in Dolce & Gabbana

The problem with all-leather outfits is that they almost always tip over into “too much” territory. There’s just … too much happening here. The jacket is way too tight and yet it has this enormous flare to it that gives him hips he doesn’t have. We think it may be impossible to wear a leather jacket over a leather shirt and not have it look bulky or oddly shaped.

Lewis Pullman in Saint Laurent

He REALLY loves western-inspired fashion, because it’s the only style we’ve ever seen him wear. We don’t think we’ve ever seen wear a conventional tie. It’s all string ties and bolos and Colonel Sanders ties all the time. Not that we mind. This look would be damn near perfect if the jacket fit him correctly.


Ram Charan in Tarun Tahiliani

Chic, with an elegant restraint to it.



Sebastian Stan in Lanvin

We could’ve lumped him in with the basic tux crowd, but he’s too pretty for that and besides, there’s just enough of an edge to this design that it stands out from the pack. Love the satin panels on the sleeves. Still should’ve worn a tie, though.

[Photo Credit: Kevork Djansezian/NBC]

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