Rosario Dawson in Studio 189 at the BELOW THE BELT Los Angeles Premiere

Posted on October 03, 2022

If you asked us to sum up Rosario Dawson’s style, we’re not sure we could come up with much more than “quirky and unexpected.” She doesn’t necessarily have a through-line of preferences except that she seems to love traveling the less-traveled path, so to speak. She almost never shows up to an event looking like a typical celebrity. To wit:


This is a whole lot of dress and we suspect it works better in person than it does in pictures. Not that it looks bad here, but we think the competing colors and patterns are a lot to take in and they tend to distract from the wearer, which is going against the whole idea of a red carpet in the first place. She probably could’ve used some more aggressive hair and makeup, but that’s not really her bag, so far as we can tell. Besides, she’s at the premiere of a documentary about endometriosis. Glam is clearly not on the menu. The earrings are pretty fabulous, but we don’t think they necessarily go all that well with the style of dress. Hoops would’ve been our recommendation. We also think the yellow sash in the look book shot below ties it all together better than the black-and-white one she’s sporting.


Style Credits:
Studio 189 Multicolor Printed Ensemble from the Fall 2021 Collection


[Photo Credit: Axelle Woussen/BauerGriffin/INST/Cover Images, Xavier Collin/Imae Press Agency//Cover Images,]

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