Cathy Cambridge Presents the Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design in Edeline Lee

Posted on May 04, 2022

Lorenzo: “Cathy’s out. Are we doing a post?”

Tom: “Is she wearing anything worth looking at?”

Lorenzo: “Honestly, yeah.”

[a minute passes]





This is like the most stylish thing she’s worn in … honestly, we don’t even know how long. It’s got color! It’s got an interesting shape! It’s got detailing that isn’t bland or generic! It’s got big gold earrings! It’s got – Dare we say it? – personality! Who is this woman and what has she done with the Duchess of Cambridge? We’re ready to start an Avril Lavigne-type rumor right here.


Joking aside, it’s a surprisingly great look. We don’t love the sleeve ties, which look like they’d be really annoying to wear, but like we said, they’re not generic. Love the belt and the earrings. She let us down with the tone-on-tone accessories, but we can’t be too mad about it when the rest of it looks so stylish.



Style Credits:
Edeline Lee ‘Pedernal‘ High Draped Neck Dress with Dropped Shoulders, Tie Detail Sleeves and Fitted Flare Skirt


[Photo Credit: Pa Images/,]

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