Style File: Isla Fisher Promotes ”Wolf Like Me” in Macgraw, Ulyana Sergeenko and Elie Saab

Posted on January 12, 2022

Isla Fisher’s got a very unusal-looking (see below) new limited series on Peacock called Wolf Like Me coming out soon and for the promotional tour, she’s sticking pretty closely to a few self-imposed rules, it seems. It’s colorless short dresses, straight down the line for this gal. This is notable because first, given the semi-serious, vaguely supernatural implications the trailer is giving off a sort of darkly romantic, sweetly sexy vibe seems to make sense; and second, she’s got a pretty strong track record for switching things up according to the project. Just a little over a year ago, when she was promoting a Disney project, the dresses were all bold, bright and cartoony. This time, she’s going a little funereal and a little bridal in the same week.



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No wheels are being reinvented here, but we can also say with absolute assuredness that no part of this look needs to be improved. It’s cute, unfussy, and it looks great on her.





A perfect backdrop for a Dynasty-inspired design. We kind of hate tulip skirts – and truth be told, we’re not convinced it works from a proportional perspective when coupled with those shoulders – but as a style element, we don’t mind it so much here. Maybe it’s the sheer hose helping to balance it out. At any rate, it’s another cute, relatively unfussy sort of look.



But we guess she was missing just a little bit of fuss when she picked this one. We know we sound like a broken record on this one, but it’s really hard to make any white lace dress not come off bridal, even if you pair it with black shoes. Putting that aside, we don’t much like the design here. The combination of cowl neck and heavy placket over lace is a weird one.






We’re confused. Is one of them a werewolf or not?
Style Credits:
First Look: Macgraw ‘Sorbet’ Black Mini Dress with Puffy Sleeves | Graziela Gems Jewelry | Miu Miu Sandals
Second Look: Ulyana Sergeenko Black Dress | Graziela Gems Jewelry | Wolford Tights | Sarah Flint Pumps
Third Look: Elie Saab Lace Dress | Ruchine Jewelry


Styled by Micah Schifman | Hair by Bridget Brager, Bobby Eliot (third look) | Makeup by Sabrina Bedrani


[Photo Credit: Micah Schifman/Instagram/@micahmarcus]

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