WERQ From Home: Isla Fisher Promotes “Godmothered” in Zimmermann

Posted on December 16, 2020

This is an absolutely perfect look, both for her and for a Disney-fueled promotional tour.


Not a lot to add here, because it’s just one shot in a casual situation, but she looks spectacular in this color and the style really suits her. We love when stars understand that holiday promotional tours for family friendly fare doesn’t mean you have to dress like you’re in a Hallmark Christmas movie. Something rich and bold and fun to look at gets the job done fine, no jingle-jangle or holly-jolly needed. And for at-home work, a dress like this couldn’t be better. It really doesn’t ask much of its wearer, who doesn’t need to do anything to make it pop.

Having said that, we’d probably complain about the bow sash in a red carpet setting.

Alright: what kind of shoes should she be sporting, if she were actually to head outside wearing this?


Style Credits:
ZimmermanLadybeetle‘ Shirred Yoke Midi in Purple/Pearl from the Fall 2020 Collection



Styled by Micah Schifman | Hair by Travis Balcke | Makeup by Filomena Natoli


[Photo Credit: Isla Fisher/Instagram, zimmermannwear.com]

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