Sandra Bullock in Stella McCartney at “The Unforgivable” Los Angeles Premiere

Posted on December 01, 2021

Sandra Bullock is one of those stars who’s so good at being personable that even hardened bloggers such as we sometimes fall into the trap of thinking we would be good friends if we all knew each other. Which is why we feel perfectly comfortable saying “Sandy honey, what the hell is going on with you?”




This is very not good, Sandy! We were right there at the front of the line, begging you to break away from the metallic body-con dresses and pin-straight hair that rigidly defined your red carpet style for years. We were kinda thrilled to see you working a slouchy sort of rocker boho look last week and hoped it signaled a new direction. Well, it did; just not the direction we were hoping for. If Hailee Steinfeld’s sequined jumpsuit was fashion at a high difficulty setting, then this one is at an impossible one. Maybe the model is pulling it off on the runway, but she’s a pro and she only needed to wear it for a total of five minutes tops. We’d have thought a star of your experience would realize that there was no way this jumpsuit was going to look runway-fresh after a limo ride, Sandy. We suppose that’s why you opted for the tuxedo jacket, but we’re sorry to say, it’s just not working, girl. It looks weird. The gold free-with-purchase bag and beige pumps are equally puzzling choices to us. And Sandy, while we think you look great with some wave to your hair, it’s just not looking good all hanging down in your face like that. Sorry to be so blunt! Glad we could have this talk. By the way, can we call you Sandy?








Style Credits:
Stella McCartney Jumpsuit from the Spring 2022 Collection

Styled by Elizabeth Stewart | Hair by Janine Thompson | Makeup by Sabrina Bedrani


[Photo Credit: RobinLori/, – Video Credit:Netflix/YouTube]

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