“The Lost Daughter” Star Dakota Johnson Covers the December/January Issue of Town & Country Magazine

Posted on December 01, 2021

Dakota Johnson is devastatingly stylish, unflappably cool, and the toast of the burgeoning awards season. Is it any wonder she’s having the time of her life? In the December/January issue of Town & Country, Johnson sits down with Mickey Rapkin and discusses her current film The Lost Daughter, her upcoming first directing project and the collective post-vaccine return to joy: “The thing is, people are not behaving normally. If you go to a party, you f***ing rage.”





On summing up the post-vaccine return to joy, like the tradition of having dance parties during the promotion of The Lost Daughter, the new film Johnson stars in: “The thing is, people are not behaving normally. If you go to a party, you f***ing rage.”

On her character in The Lost Daughter: “Nina was this girl who is so much more than she appears to be and is so hungry to be seen. It was an honesty that I hadn’t seen in a film about women who are imperfect and cut open and not always pretty.”

On having conversations with her own mother about the topics The Lost Daughter explores including motherhood, sacrifice, self- worth, and regret: “I actually spoke to her a few weeks ago. I was like, ‘Is there something that you dreamed of doing that you never did?’ And she said, ‘No. I wanted to be a mother, and I wanted to have a family.’ That was her thing.”

On directing her first feature in 2022; the project has not been announced but will take place on a ‘mythical island’: “We talked about someone else directing, but then I was dreaming about it, having ideas all the time. It’s in my bones, this story. I’m like, ‘Is this too soon?’ But it’s happening. I’m gonna do it.”


The December/January Issue of Town & Country Magazine on Newsstands December 7th.
[Photo Credit: Amanda Demme for Town & Country Magazine]

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