Gemma Chan Promotes “Eternals” in PH5

Posted on October 21, 2021


She might have had a virtual press day regardless, but watching Eternals star Gemma Chan doing the hottest pose of 2020 (the balcony pose, of course), we’re reminded that she and her fellow castmates had to cancel several appearances this week because of exposure to Covid. We may have mentioned a few times over the last year that we were looking forward to this publicity tour specifically once things returned to so-called normal again. We just knew that between her, Angelina and Salma (not to mention Kumail), we were going to be treated to the best fashion a Disney promotional budget has to offer and we held it in our hearts as that Someday Moment when we knew we could breathe again.

Which is a long way of saying you’ll have to give us a second here so we can have a good cry about it.




Okay, we’re back. This is cute. Stella McCartney was doing those goofy hems a decade ago and we didn’t like it then, but these virtual press day outfits tend to work in ways a red carpet or photo call wouldn’t allow. Or maybe she’s just magical and can make anything look better. What can we say? We’re in a forgiving mood and from the waist up, this looks fantastic.




Style Credits:
PH5 Asymmetric Wavy Dress from the Resort 2022 Collection
Bea Bongiasca White 2 Tone Hoops
Fry Powers Enamel + Gem Ring in Fuchsia
Amina Muaddi Shoes

Styled by Rebecca Corbin-Murray | Makeup by Monika Blunder | Nails by Yoko Sakakura


[Photo Credit: Rebecca Corbin-Murray/Instagram/@rebeccacorbinmurray, Courtesy of PH5]

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